Nanotechnology Knowledge Network

Over the past 28 years, the NSTI team has established direct personal relationships with business leaders and academic experts in the various fields of nanotechnology.  This unique global network provides NSTI and its clients with rapid access to the best sources of information in the industry.

NSTI maintains an internal database of technical capabilities, intellectual property, and business interests and contacts from its 28 years of corporate and government services and from the annual NSTI-Nanotech conference.  NSTI also maintains a network of close to 200 outsourced consultants and advisors covering most all aspects of nanotechnology and related industries.  These databases are used for opportunity matching for NSTI customers, and for marketing and data collection for the NSTI-Nanotech conference series.  A reflection of these databases can be seen through the content of the NSTI-Nanotech conference series.

NSTI has developed the leading network of business and academic experts in nanotechnology, and can provide customers with high-value informational services in a cost-effective manner.