Nanotechnology Conference

NSTI, in partnership with TechConnect, manages the most comprehensive nanotechnology event worldwide, the annual NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo, Nanotech. For more information about the upcoming event, please visit: TechConnect World.

NSTI maintains an intimate knowledge of the research, business and investment activities occurring throughout the global nanotechnology community through its management and vetting of business and technology plans. The annual Nanotech conference typically has over 800 technical presentations, 200 business presentations, 150 exhibiting organizations, 100 vetted early stage companies, 125 sponsoring companies, and endorsements from 11 federal level agencies (in US these have included DARPA, NSF, NNCO, NIH) and a wide range of single disciplinary professional societies (APS, IEEE, ASME, AiCHE).

NSTI annually reviews over 1,000 technical abstracts, 100 early and established business presentations and over 200 technology corporations each year for the Nanotech conference.

Nanotech Timeline
Through its experience with the Nanotech conference, NSTI has a proven ability to rapidly identify global nanotechnology trends and opportunities at the forefront of innovation and to identify and access which strategies and market areas are most opportune for clients to pursue.