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BASF and Tekion Inc. Sign Deal to Co- Develop Technology for Fuel Cells

Tekion President & CEO Neil Huff Tells NWN About Company’s Corporate Agreements and the Importance of Nanotechnology to Fuel Cells Development.
BASF, a leading German chemical company and the world’s largest producer of formic acid, will develop and test dedicated formic acid formulations for fuel cells developed by Canada-based Tekion. Both companies will also work together on the development of applicable standards and will share knowledge on materials compatibility for fuel cells. “We intend to leverage the tremendous knowledge base that BASF has in formic acid based products with Tekion’s knowledge in fuel cell systems to commercialize the Formira Power Pack,” Mr. Neil Huff told NWN this month.

Tekion’s collaboration with BASF is the second corporate collaboration for the company. “Tekion previously formed a strategic relationship with Motorola resulting in an investment in Tekion by Motorola Ventures in August of 2005. The BASF collaboration is our first relationship with a strategic supplier,” explains Mr. Huff.

Nanoscale technologies are critical to Tekion’s advancements in fuel cell technologies. “Miniaturization is critical to the success of fuel cells in portable electronics; …advanced nanomaterials…improve catalysis and mass transfer to reduce the overall size and efficiency of the fuel cell stack. Also, physical nanoscale technologies such as MEMS pumps and electronics miniaturization…play a vital role,” observes Huff.RSS feed of Nano World News

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