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Corporate Spotlight Interview: Ashland Performance Materials
02/23/15 10:17 AM EST
TechConnect speaks with Joe Fox Director, Emerging & External Technologies at Ashland Performance Materials

NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) Comprehensive Grant Program
02/23/15 07:31 AM EST
National Institute of Standards and Technology. Deadline: April 17, 2015.

BioWatch Program: 2014-2015
02/23/15 07:29 AM EST
Department of Homeland Security. Deadline: September 30, 2015.

02/23/15 07:27 AM EST
NASA. Deadline: March 20, 2015.

University Turbine Systems Research
02/23/15 07:25 AM EST
National Energy Technology Laboratory, US Department of Energy. Deadline: March 20, 2015.

Transportation Energy Resources From Renewable Agriculture (TERRA)
02/23/15 07:22 AM EST
ARPA-E, US Department of Energy. Deadline: March 2, 2015.

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute
02/23/15 07:20 AM EST
Air Force Research Lab. Deadline: May 29, 2015.

DoD FY14 Defense Medical Research and Development Program Team Performance Training Research Initiative
02/23/15 07:17 AM EST
US Army. Deadline: April 9, 2015

Accelerating the Development of Small Unit Decision Making (ADSUDM)
02/23/15 07:13 AM EST
Office of Naval Research, US Navy. Deadline: March 31, 2015

The Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at SUNY Polytechnic Institute Partners with Graphene Frontiers
10/08/14 11:07 AM EST
$5 Million Investment Supports Dozens of Jobs and Development of 300mm Fabrication Process and Wafer Transfer Facility. Graphene Frontiers is a 2013 TechConnect Innovation Award Winner, Washington, DC.

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