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IP Profile: Bacteria extract elicitors, extraction process, composition including extract and method to induce the plant defense responses

The invention reduces the infection by microorganisms in potato with only one application, reducing the management costs related to this crop.

Organization: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul –PUCRS, Brazil
Inventors: Leandro Vieira Astarita, Fernando Rostirolla Dalmas and Vera Aparecida Dus Poiatti
Primary markets: Agrochemical, crop protection
Technology Contact: M.E. Ritter dos Santos, PUCRS, Brazil,

Research Team

The potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is the fourth most important commercial crop in the world and can be affected by many biotic and abiotic factors including pathogens. The potato crop has several economically important bacterial pathogens including the soft rot Erwinia spp. Pectolytic erwinias are among the most common and ubiquitous pathogens on potato. Direct and indirect crop losses due to these bacteria have not been estimated, but they are known to be considerable.

The agent developed at PUCRS is able to increase the level of natural plant defenses against pathogenic bacteria and improve the plant resistance for subsequent infections. It is constituted by a pool of cellular components which can act through different pathways on the plant cell, inducing the secondary metabolites related to the plant defense. The agent shows a better result on potato protection compared with the commercial formulation acibenzolar-S-methyl (BION® Syngenta).

PUCRS tells NWN that while the IP is still in the testing stage, the university has established license agreements for it with two companies.

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