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Merck’s Innovation Symposium Spotlights a Dedication to Partnership

In an exclusive podcast interview, Merck’s Dr. Reid Leonard discusses the company’s commitment to collaboration.

The leaders at Merck know that dynamic advances in R&D are often the result of synergistic partnership rather than individual effort, and their company has taken this position to heart. As one of the leading Corporate Symposium Sponsors for Nanotech 2008, the company hopes to use its visibility to attract the collaboration of promising talent in turning scientific breakthroughs into beneficial medicines and therapies.

“Our motivation for setting up this symposium is to create an opportunity for people to talk with us about what they’re doing,” said Dr. Reid Leonard, Executive Director of Licensing and External Research for Merck Laboratories. “We’re really interested in talking with scientists from academia, biotech, technology platform companies – all of these groups are welcome to explore ways that Merck can work with them to advance the state of the art in this exciting new field of RNAi-based therapies.”

The symposium, scheduled for Tuesday, June 3, from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m., will feature presentations covering a wide range of siRNA-related topics, and will be introduced by Dr. Alan Sachs, Merck’s head of RNAi Therapeutics. A reception will follow the program.

“This is really an opportunity for researchers working on the topic of RNAi delivery to come together and share insights amongst themselves,“ said Dr. Leonard. “Our poster session, platform talk, and reception are designed to provide an opportunity for networking among all of these interested scientists.”

“We really do have a rich heritage in RNA-based research,” Dr. Leonard added, “and we hope that people will come to the event to learn what we’re doing – and more importantly, what we can do together.”

The Merck Innovation Symposium will take place on Tuesday, June 3, in room 208 of the Hynes Convention Center in Boston as part of NSTI Nanotech 2008.

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Listen to our extended interview with Dr. Leonard about Merck’s background in RNAi research and the company’s upcoming Innovation Symposium here.

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