Nanotech 2014 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2014 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2014: Electronics, Manufacturing, Environment, Energy & Water

Nanomaterials for Catalysis Chapter 4

Gold nanoclusters for air purification applications
E. Mendoza
Goldemar Solutions, US

Organometallic Ruthenium Nanoparticles as a Model of study for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Reaction
L.M. Martinez-Prieto, K. Philippot, B. Chaudret

Understanding Ru/CNT interactions: A rational design of Ru nanocatalysts
B.F. Machado, M. Oubenali, M.R. Axet, T.T. Nguyen, M. Tunckol, M. Girleanu, O. Ersen, I.C. Gerber, P. Serp
Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry, FR

Chemoselective Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol Catalyzed by Platinum on Carbonaceous Supports
W. Oberhauser, C. Evangelisti, R. Psaro, F. Vizza, M. Bevilacqua, J. Filippi, A. Lavacchi, A. Marchionni, H.A. Miller, B.F. Machado, P. Serp

Silicon and nickel nanoparticle size and morphology as a key to control the particle photoluminescence and photochemistry
I.V. Tvauri, Yu.N. Parkhomenko, S.A. Khubezhov, A.G. Kaloeva, Z.S. Demeev, A.O. Bzaev, A.P. Bliev, V.G. Sozanov, T.T. Magkoev
University of North Ossetia, RU

Voltammetric and Impedance studies of Phenols and Its Derivatives at Carbon Nanotubes/Prussian Blue Films Platinum Modified Electrode
A.S. Adekunle, O.A. Arotiba, B.O. Agboola, N.W. Maxakato, B.B. Mamba, E.E. Ebenso
North-West University, ZA

Uniformly Distributed Metal Nano-particles in Various Sized Porous Catalytic Supports by NPP Process
C. Lee, J.H. Lee, B.K. Kang, H. Kaji, M. Hayashi, S.K. Koh
GL Materials, KR

Development of a hydroprocessing catalyst containing Boron and Nano-boron compounds
E. Yonel-Gumruk, A. Meric Kartal Berker, O. Özcan, A. Nilgün Akin
Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation, US

Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Cu-doped titanate nanotubes: photoluminescence and photocatalysis properties
D.C. Manfroi, L.P. Andrade, A.A. Cavalheiro, A.A. Jos, G.F. Teixeira, L.A. Perazolli, J.A. Varela, M.A. Zaghete
Universidade Estadual Paulista, BR

Application of alumina-based nanogold catalysts in gas mask and CO2 laser
C. Qi, H. Su, R. Guan, H. Lin, X. Sun, Y. Zheng, L. An
Yantai Univeristy, CN

A hierarchical carbon nanofiber-In2S3 photocatalyst with well controlled nanostructures for highly efficient hydrogen production under visible light
P. Gao, A. Li, M. Tai, Z. Liu, D.D. Sun
Nanyang Technological University, SG

High photocatalytic activity of hydrogen production from water over Fe doped and Ag deposited anatase TiO2 nanotube arrays
X. Fan, J. Fan, X. Hu, E. Liu, L. Kang, C. Tang, H. Wu, Y. Li, Y. Ma
Northwest University, CN

Flower-like TiO2 Nanostructures: Synthesis,Characterization and Photocatalytic Properties
Y. Li, J. Fan, X. Hu, E. Liu, X. Fan, H. Wu, Y. Ma, C. Tang
Northwest University, CN

Surface properties of amorphous nanoporous GeS2
G. Ori, M- Celino, C. Massobrio, B. Coasne
UMI CNRS / Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

Differentiating electro-catalytic reaction of hydride with respect to a non-Pt catalyst morphology based on first-principles: extended surfaces versus nanoparticles
M.C. Sison Escaño, R. Lacdao Arevalo, H. Kasai
University of Fukui, JP

Enantioselective desymmetrization of meso-cyclopent-2-en-1,4-diacetate to 4-(R)-hydroxycyclopent-2-en-1-(S)-acetate using enzyme immobilized superparamagnetic nanocomposites
M. Eizadi Sharifabad, T. Sen
University of Central Lancashire, UK

A highly dispersed Cu-Ni/Ce0.5Zr0.5O2/SBA-15 nanocatalysts: Preparation, characterization and the catalytic application in direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate
M. Yang, Z-q Zhang, Q-Q Chang, Y. Liu, B. Zhao, E-Z Liu, X-Y Hu, J. Fan
Northwest University, CN

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