Nanotech 2013 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2013 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2013: Bio Sensors, Instruments, Medical, Environment and Energy (Volume 3)

Biosensing, Diagnostics & Imaging Chapter 1

Raman Imaging for Characterization of Novel Multi-Layer Solid Dosage Forms

Authors: A. Rzhevskii

Affilation: Thermo Fisher Scientific, United States

Pages: 101 - 102

Keywords: Raman, chemical imaging, solid dosage form

Multi-layer tablets, combination drug formulations and other innovative dosage forms are getting increasing attention in pharmaceutical industry. As structure and composition of the multi-layer dosages become more complicated, the development and application of techniques for physicochemical characterization of the final dosage forms is of a major importance. Raman chemical imaging providing high chemical selectivity (in particular, unparalleled polymorph discrimination) and the spatial resolution as high as 0.5 μm appears to be particularly suited for the analysis of final stage products. Based on the collection of spectral information at a number of spatial positions, Raman chemical imaging offers non-invasive compositional analysis of chemically heterogeneous solid-dose products. In the present study, Raman image analysis of the section of multi-layer microtablet has allowed the layered distribution of API, cellulose, talk, and the tablet core composed of mixture of sugar and starch to be clearly identified and thickness of the layers and the core size to be readily determined. Raman chemical imaging demonstrates a solid potential in the pharmaceutical industry as an analytical tool in the drug development process for the end-product content uniformity, stability and drug-excipients compatibility testing.

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