Nanotech 2011 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2011 Vol. 1
Nanotechnology 2011: Advanced Materials, CNTs, Particles, Films and Composites

Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications Chapter 3

Production of High Surface Area Oxygen Sensitive Powders by Na Flame Synthesis
L. Mann
Cabot Corporation, US

Nanoscale Plasma Surface Modification of Powders
C. Roth, A. Sonnenfeld, Ph.R. von Rohr
ETH Zürich, CH

Rifampicin nanosuspension production using microfluidic device
J.N. Schianti, N.N.P. Cerize, A.M. Oliveira, S. Derenzo, M.R. Gongora-Rubio
Polytechnic School - University of São Paulo, BR

Re-dispersible ZrO2 powders for transparent high RI nanocomposite
S.H. Wang, Y.S. Sun, A.S.T. Chiang
National Central University, TW

Synthesis of Nano-Sized Ferrite Materials for H2 Generation from High Temperature Water-Splitting Reaction
R. Bhosale, R. Shende, J. Puszynski
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US

Engineered Pigment Nanoparticles: Bottom-up Synthesis, Characterization, and Performance Properties
R. Carlini, D.A. Makeiff, C.G. Allen, S.J. Gardner, F. Paraguay-Delgado, M. Malac, P. Li
Xerox Research Centre of Canada, CA

Synthesis, tuning of electrical conductivity and self-assembly of niobium doped titania nanoparticles
Y. Liu, J. Rathousky, T. Bein, D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing
University of Munich (LMU), DE

Dielectric Constant, Loss and Breakdown for Ultem containing BaTiO<sub>3</sub> Nanoparticles
J.F. Lomax, E.A. Lomax, S.C. Lu, J.P. Calame, J.J. Fontanella, C.A. Edmondson, M.C. Wintersgill
U.S. Naval Academy, US

Plasmonic Biosensors with biocompatible nanosilver
G.A. Sotiriou, T. Sannomiya, A. Teleki, J. Voeroes, S.E. Pratsinis
Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zürich, CH

Silver Chloride – Wool Nanohybrid Materials: Synthesis and Properties
J.H. Johnston, F.M. Kelly
Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Removal of 10-nm contaminant particles from a wafer surface with supersonic CO2 particle beam
I-H Kim, E-J Kim, J.W. Lee

Surface modification of powders and nanostructure deposition in the afterglow of a low power barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure
A. Sonnenfeld, P. Reichen, Ph.R. von Rohr
ETH Zürich, CH

Synthesis of nanocrystalline ZnO powder using ultrasonic atomization technique and application of its thick films for highly toxic gases
L.A. Patil
Pratap College Amalner, IN

Synthesis of Molybdenum Nanoparticles by RF Plasma
J.-I. Park
Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology(RIST, KR

Preparation and characterization of PPy-CD nanospheres with a core-shell nanostructure
S.M. Shang
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK

Wet organometallic chemistry for palladium nanoparticles synthesis performed in an organic media and under supercritical conditions in microreactors
S. Desportes, B. Tidona, Ph.R. von Rohr
ETH Zürich, CH

Hydrothermal Synthesis and Properties of Hierarchical ZnO and Eu-doped ZnO 3D Structures
C. Verissimo, A. Abbaspourrad, K. Sunter, F. Capasso, S. Moshkalev, D. Weitz
University of Campinas - UNICAMP, BR

Synthesis of nanocrystalline nitrate enclathrated zeolite with intermediate framework structure between sodalite (SOD) and cancrinite (CAN)
J.-Ch. Buhl, S. Cramm
Leibniz University Hannover, DE

Green and Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanophosphors for Biomedical Applications
R. Gruar, S. Kellici, C. Tighe, J. Darr

Controlling the Size and Morphology of Silver Nanoparticles: Role of Chemical Routes
T. Ahmad
Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), IN

Electrical conductivity studies of nanocrystalline Dy3+ doped BaMoO4, synthesised by sol-gel process
P. Jena, N. Nallamuthu, M. Venkateswarlu, N. Satyanarayana
Pondicherry university, IN

Simple, open air method to synthesize monodisperse and size selective PbSe quantum dots
Y. Pan, J. Lombardi
City College of New York, US

Characterization of Catalyst Effect on Carbon Nanopearls
S. Pacley, M. Theodore
Air Force Research Laboratory, US

One Pot vs Two Steps Synthesis of Fluorescent Gold Nanoparticles and Capping with Thiolated Organic Linker
S.K. Rastogi, B.D. Denn, A.L. Branen
University of Idaho, US

The morphology and properties of silica nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel reaction in elastomer matrix
M. Lipinska, M. Zaborski
Technical University of Lodz, PL

Novel optical property of Ag@PPy nanoparticles
S. Ye, S. Chen, Y. Lu
Nanjing University, CN

Tuning the Gas Pressure Discharge of Nanoenergetic materials by Boron and Carbon Nanotube Additives
K.S. Martirosyan, L. Wang, D. Luss
University of Texas at Brownsville, US

Synthesis, Characterization and Sampling of GaP Nanoparticles for Light Emissive Devices
S.L. Pyshkin, J. Ballato, S. Belevschii, E. Rusu, A. Racu, D. Van DerVeer
Academy of Sciences of Moldova, MD

Bimodal size distributed silver nanoparticles on copper substrate: in situ heat treating under air and protective atmospheres
J. Sopousek, J. Bursik, J. Zalesak, Z. Pesina
Masaryk University, CZ

Application of zinc and magnesium oxides nanoparticles in crosslinking of carboxylated butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber
M. Lipinska, M. Zaborski
Technical University of Lodz, PL

Optical Properties of Ternary Alloyed Cd1-xZnxSe Semiconductor Nanocrystals
I.-H. Chen, K.-W. Wang, S.-R. Chung
National Formosa University, TW

Enhancement in photoluminescence emission in the UV-visible region from chemically synthesized silver doped ZnS nanoparticles
R. Sarkar, P. Kumbhakar, A.K. Mitra
NIT Durgapur, India, IN

Inverter Circuits Based on Low-Temperature Solution-Processed ZnO Nanoparticle Thin-Film Transistors
K. Wolff, F.F. Vidor, U. Hilleringmann
University of Paderborn, DE

Color tunable nanophosphors
G.A. Sotiriou, M. Schneider, S.E. Pratsinis
Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zürich, CH

Monitoring of glass transition at a polymer surface by localized surface plasmon resonance
A. Kaan Kalkan, R.K. Putla
Oklahoma State University, US

Self-assembled fluorescent magnetic nanoprobes for multimode-biomedical imaging
E.-K. Lim, S. Haam
Yonsei University, KR

Europium-doped gadolinium sulfide nanoparticles as a multimodal imaging agents for bio-application
J.K. Park, S.J. Lee
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, KR

Hydrothermal approach to a carbon graphite encapsulated FeCo nanocrystals for diagnosis, hyperthermia therapy and siRNA delivery
J.K. Park, J.J. Jung, P. Subramaniam, B. Shah, C.J. Kim, J.K. Lee, K.B. Lee
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, KR

Biological synthesis of copper nanoparticles using plant extract
H-J Lee, G. Lee, N.R. Jang, J.H. Yun, J.Y. Song, B.S. Kim
Chungbuk National University, KR

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