Nanotech 2010 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2010 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2010: Bio Sensors, Instruments, Medical, Environment and Energy

Nano Medical Sciences Chapter 7

The Method of Instant Amplification of the MCG&MEG Signals

Authors: R. Sklyar

Affilation: Independent researcher, Ukraine

Pages: 467 - 470

Keywords: MCG&MEG, carbon nanotubes, electromagnetic transistor, nanowires, interferences, sensing range

Simultaneous amplification of the piking up MCG&MEG neurosignals by an on-site magnetic flow has been implemented. Matrix of the sensing micro-nanocoils are distributed under the heart or brain surface with temperature of the body. Magnetic field interferences from the breathing and heart-beating oscillations are filtered. Energy-efficient area coverage of the advanced electromagnetic amplifyer is expressed in terms of a disk of a given sensing range. The interferences from the natural movements of the body is proposed to be eleminated by the filters, which are specific for each part of a wide frequency range. The designed sensors are arranged in space arrays for investigation of the biosignals of the different levels of precision with a defined informational capabilities.

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