Nanotech 2007 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2007 Vol. 2
Technical Proceedings of the 2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2

Biosensors Chapter 6

DNA Detection Using Metal-Fluorescence Interactions on Two-Dimensionally Assembled Gold Nanoparticles
M. Nakahara, S. Taniguchi and T. Inoue
Hitachi, Ltd., JP

Rapid Isothermal Amplification and Multiplexed Surface Detection of Short DNA Sequences
E. Tan, Y. Han, E. Kniazeva, M. Buechel, B. Erwin and A. Niemz
Keck Graduate Institute, US

Peptide Nucleic Acids Modified Nano-Biosensor for Early Cancer Diagnosis
S. Rastogi, N. Mishra, P. Winterrowd, R. Nelson and W. Maki
University of Idaho, US

Nanoplex(TM) Biotags: Near-IR Excited, Highly Multiplexed Nanoparticulate Optical Detection Tags for Diagnostic Assays
S. Penn, R. Cromer, M. Sha, B. Doering, B. Brown, S. Norton and I. Walton
Oxonica Inc, US

SERS Nanotags for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
M. Natan
Oxonica, US

Homogeneous Bioluminescence Resonant Energy Transfer On High Density Array Imaging Chip
B. Filanoski, S. Rastogi, E. Cameron, N. Mishra and W. Maki
University of Idaho, US

DNA-DNA Interaction on Dendron-Functionalized Sol-Gel Silica Films Followed with Surface Plasmon Fluorescence Spectroscopy
S.H. Kwon, B.J. Hong, H.Y. Park, W. Knoll and J.W. Park
Center for Integrated Molecular System., KR

Evaluation of silver nanostructures fabricated using glancing angle depostion as localized surface plasmon resonance biosensors
D.A. Gish, F. Nsiah, M.T. McDermott and M.J. Brett
University of Alberta, CA

Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-Field Effect Transistor for Bio-safety
N. Mishra, P. Winterrowd, R. Nelson, S. Rastogi, W. Maki and G. Maki
University of Idaho, US

Nanomechanical Cantilever Bio-Sensors for Time-Resolved Detection of DNA and Surface Layer Formation
M. Bammerlin, J. Köser, P. Shahgaldian, U. Pieles, F.M. Battiston and U. Hubler
Concentris GmbH, CH

An amperometric on-chip glucose biosensor based on enzyme entrapment with pre-reaction to lower interference in a flow injection system
P.-C. Nien, M.-C. Huang, F.-Y. Chang and K.-C. Ho
National Taiwan University, TW

Fabrication of Molecularly Imprinted Uric Acid Biosensors based on a Novel Amine-Imide Type Conducting Polymer
P.Y. Chen and K.C. Ho
National Taiwan University, TW

Nanoelectrodes with Selective Molecular Receptors for Label-Free Electronic Detection of Thrombin
J. Dong and B.A. Parviz
University of Washington, US

Synthesis of a nano electro-magnetic polymer and its application in a DCT biosensor
S. Pal, E.B. Hummel and E.C. Alocilja
Michigan State University, US

Electronic DNA detection on semiconductor surfaces
Y. Han, E. Tan, D. Candebat, K. Bandyopadhyay and A. Niemz
Keck Graduation Institute, US

Label-Free Protein Nano-Biosensor Using Top-Down Fabrication
C.S. Ah, A. Kim, H.Y. Yu, C.-G. Ahn, J.-H. Yang, I.B. Baek, C.W. Park, M.S. Jun and S.J. Lee
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), KR

Development of micro-lateral flow strips compatible with micro-volume samples for immunochemical assays
N.S. Sharma, A. Lukyanov, R.L. Bardell, M. Shen and B.H. Weigl
MicroPlumbers Microsciences, LLC, US

Specific and Non-specific adsorption of Proteins on Solid Interfaces
M. Rabe, J. Zimmermann, D. Verdes and S. Seeger
University of Zurich, CH

nanometric thinfilm sensor
M. Bauer, E.M. Putz and F. Pittner
University of Vienna, AT

Biosensor for heavy metals using hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorod/nanotube and metal-binding peptides
W. Jia, E.T. Reitz and Y. Lei
University of Connecticut, US

Stable Self-Assembled Monolayers for sensitive biosensor interfaces.
K. Jans, H. Jans, K. Bonroy, F. Frederix, G. Reekmans, G. Maes and G. Borghs

Simultaneous Detection of Salmonella typhimurium and Bacillus anthracis Spores Using Phage-Based Magnetoelastic Biosensors
S. Huang, H. Yang, M. Johnson, I. Chen, V.A. Petrenko and B.A. Chin
Auburn University, US

A RC-based biosystem for measuring anti-oxidizing power
A. Tibuzzi, G. Pezzotti, G. Rea, D. Bianconi and M.T. Giardi
Biosensor S.r.l., IT

A Non-Oxidative Sensor Based on a Self-Doped Polyaniline/Carbon Nanotube Composite for Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of the Neurotransmitter Dopamine
S.R. Ali, Y. Ma, R.R. Parajuli, Y. Balogan, W.Y-C. Lai and H. He
Rutgers University, US

Quantitative measurements of the strength of adhesion of human neutrophils to a substratum in a microfludic device: A novel inflammation diagnostic tool
E. Gutierrez and A. Groisman
University of California, San Diego, US

Prevention and Risk Reduction in Heart Health
B. Kaminska, K. Tavakolian, B. Ngui, Y. Chuo and B. Carmichael
Simon Fraser University, CA

Encapsulation of Streptavidin labeled with Alexa Fluor 750 into Erythrocytes
M. Dweik and S.A. Grant
University of Missouri-Columbia, US

Utilizing Silver and Gold Nanoparticles for Investigation of Bacterial Cell Wall Biochemical Structure
M. Culha, M. Kahraman, M.M. Yazici and F. Sahin
Yeditepe University, TR

Investigation of the Conductance of Silicon Nanowire Biosensors Using the 2D Drift-diffusion Model
S. Damodaran, S. Vadivelmurugan, Q.T. Do, C. Heitzinger, Y. Liu and G. Klimeck
Purdue University, US

Parallel two channel near and far field fluorescence microscopy
D. Verdes, M. Rabe and S. Seeger
University of Zurich, CH

Development of SERS Spectroscopy for Routine and Rapid Identification of Escherichia Coli and Listeria Monocytogenes on Ag Colloidal Nanoparticles
Y-R Chen, Y. Liu, X. Nou and K. Chao
USDA/ARS Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, US

Silver Particle and Silver Thiolate-Based Molecular Sensing/Recognition Units Operating via Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
K. Kim, H.K. Park, N.H. Kim, H.S. Lee and Y.M. Lee
Seoul National University, KR

Single Molecule Interaction Forces and Recognition Imaging
F. Kienberger, L.A. Chtcheglova, A. Ebner, T. Puntheeraunrak, H.J. Gruber and P. Hinterdorfer
University of Linz, AT

Identifying Nanoscale Molecular Binding Events With SPM/AFM
W.T. Johnson
Agilent Technologies, US

Quantitative Detection by Single Ion Channel Event Statistics: an Algorithmic Approach
F. Lodesani, M. Bennati, C. Fiegna and M. Tartagni

Using Spiral Inductors for Detecting Hybridization of DNAs Labeled with Magnetic Beads
S.M. Azimi, M.R. Bahmanyar, M. Zolgharni and W. Balachandran
Brunel University, UK

Multiplexed immunoassays by flow cytometry for detection of Clenbuterol, Chloramphenicol and sulfadimidine with high sensitivity and selectivity
Y. Zhao, M. Zou, H. Gao, Q. Xue and P. Zhou
The Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, CN

Quantum Dots as Replacements for Tandem Dyes in Flow Cytometry
G.M. Buller, Y-Z Zhang and W.L. Godfrey
Invitrogen, US

Modified Nanoparticle Films for Transmission Plasmon Biosensing
K. Bonroy, F. Frederix, G. Reekmans, H. Jans, K. Jans, B. Van de Broek, R. De Palma and G. Borghs

Qdots as smart pH probes monitor proton flux driven by ATP synthesis and optical coder for detection various virus
Y. Zhang, Z. Deng, J. Yue and F. Tang
Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN

Nitrosyl-iron Complexes as Potent Smart Nitric Oxide Biosenors: MRI imaging Techniques in Progress
R. Sharma and S. Kwon
Florida State University, US

Qdots as smart pH probes monitor proton flux driven by ATP synthesis and optical coder for detection various virus
Y. Jiachang
Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,, CN

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