Nanotech 2007 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2007 Vol. 2
Technical Proceedings of the 2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2

Soft Nanotechnology Chapter 1

Structural and rheological investigation of Fd3m inverse micellar cubic phases
M. Pouzot, R. Mezzenga , M. Leser and L. Sagalowicz
Nestlé Research Center, CH

Modulation Of Nanochannels Hydration In Lipid Cubic Phases Studied by SANS and SAXS
B. Angelov, A. Angelova, V. Garamus, G. Lebas, S. Funari, S. Lesieur, M. Ollivon and P. Couvreur

Nanoassemblies from Vitamin C Derivatives
P. Lo Nostro, M. Ambrosi, E. Fratini, F. Ridi, E. Carretti, V. Alfredsson, B.W. Ninham and P. Baglioni
University of Florence, IT

A New Route to the Formation of Nanoporous Capsules using Block Copolymer Thin Films & Colloids
P. Mantzana, K. Sakai and S. Biggs
University of Leeds, UK

Smart Silver Nanoparticles from Nanoreactors made by Invertible Polyesters
A. Voronov, A. Kohut and W. Peukert
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE

Gold Nanoparticle Super Assembly by Dielectrophoresis
B.C. Gierhart, S.D. Collins, D.G. Howitt, S.J. Chen and R.L. Smith
University of California, Davis, US

Formation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles from Block Copolymers and Study of AqpZ and KvAP Protein Incorporation with Light Microscopy
J.T. Patti, E.K. Brooks and C.D. Montemagno
University of California, Los Angeles, US

Bio-inspired Polymers for Nanoscience Research
B-C Lee and R.N. Zuckermann
The Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US

Soft Structured Piezoresistive Sensors by Inkjet Printing
A. Agrawal, P.K. Patra and P.D. Calvert
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, US

Controlling the Surfaces of Food: Self-Assembly of Biopolymers
M.C. Berg, W.A. Mowers, S.R. Silberstein and D. Soane
DuraFizz, LLC, US

Vibrational spectroscopy of nanoscale needle shaped histamine
V. Sonois, P. Faller, W.S. Bacsa, N. Fazouan and A. Estève
University Paul Sabatier, FR

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