Nanotech 2006 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2006 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2006 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

Nanoscale Fabrication Chapter 2

Solid-State, On-demand Gas Generators as “Pneumatic Batteries” for Micro-Electronic Actuators and Fluid Delivery

Authors: W.N. Sawka

Affilation: Digital Solid State Propulsion LLC, United States

Pages: 306 - 307

Keywords: solid-state, on-demand, gas generation

Newly developed electrically controlled extinguishable solid propellants (ESCSP) are capable of multiple ignitions, extinguishments and throttle/burn-rate control by the application of continuous electrical power. Both burn rate and mass of ECESP combusted is directly proportional to the electrical power input. These propellants are insensitive to ignition by flame and are both non-self sustaining/initiating without the continuous application of proper electrical power. Using minimum excitation power these devices can deliver hundreds of controlled repeatable pulses from a 0.125 by 0.50-inch grain. Typically these ECESPs provide ~1 liter of gas generation per gram of solid propellant. Originally, formulated for use in automobile air bags, the ECESPs do not produce highly toxic combustion gases and are low in particulates. Using electrical component form factors, should allow these gas generators to be direct mounted on circuit boards and be replaced as easily as common electrical batteries This manufacturing compatibility provides a low cost pathway to important non-space applications as on-demand gas generators for pneumatic actuators or fluid delivery.

ISBN: 0-9767985-8-1
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