Nanotech 2005 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1

DNA, Protein, Cells and Tissue Arrays Chapter 7

Enhancement of DNA Microarray Hybridization using Shear-Driven Microfluidics

Authors: J. Vanderhoeven, K. Pappaert, B. Dutta, P. Vanhummelen, G.V. Baron and G. Desmet

Affilation: Free University of Brussels, Belgium

Pages: 343 - 346

Keywords: microarray, hybridization, microfluidics, shear-driven

On microarrays the transport of the target molecules towards the spots only occurs by molecular diffusion. As a result, microarray analyses require overnight incubation and are highly inefficient in terms of capture rate and detection limit. To overcome this diffusion limitation, several solutions have already been proposed: electrokinetic flows, ultra-sound mixing, pump-around systems, etc…. The present study demonstrates how DNA microarray analysis is enhanced by miniaturization. Only a small sample volume (

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