Nanotech 2004 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2004 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2004 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1

Micro Fluidics and Nanoscale Transport Chapter 7

Nano-structure and Phase Transitions in the Liquid Phase of Metallic and Non-metallic Elements
G.C. Vezzoli
Institute for the Basic Sciences, US

Application of Local Radial Basis Function-based Differential Quadrature Method in Micro Flows
D. Xu, H. Ding and C. Shu
Agency for Science Technology and Research, SG

Numerical Visualization and Quantification of Chaotic Mixing for Micromixers
T.G. Kang and T.H. Kwon
Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR

A Low Cost Polymer Based Piezo-Actuated Micropump for Drug Delivery System
H. Liu, A.A.O. Tay, S.Y.M. Wan and G.C. Lim
Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, SG

Galilean Invariant Viscosity Term for an Athermal Integer Lattice Boltzmann Automaton in three Dimensions
M.C. Geier, A. Greiner and J.G. Korvink
IMTEK, Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg im Breisgau, DE

Liquid Disintegration: Investigation of Physics by Simulation
J. Zeng and T. Korsmeyer
Coventor, Inc., US

Capillary Passive Valve in Microfluidic System
H. Cho, H-Y Kim, J.Y. Kang and T.S. Kim
Microsystem Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KR

Clogging Pressures of Bubbles in Microchannel Contractions: Theory and Experiments
M.J. Jensen, X. Wang, D. Attinger and H. Bruus
Mikroelektronik Centret, DTU, DK

In-Plane Micropump: Design Optimization
J. Sin, W.H. Lee and H.E. Stephanou

Analysis of Blood Extraction from a Lancet Puncture
R.J. Kuriger and B.F. Romanowicz
CFD Research Corporation, US

Polymeric Micropump with SU-8 Check Valves Assembled by Lamination Technique
T.Q. Truong and N.T. Nguyen
Nanyang Technological University, SG

Electrokinetic Instability Mechanism of Double-layered Miscible Fluids with Different Electrolyte Concentrations in DC Electric Field
J.W. Park, K.H. Kang and K.Y. Huh
Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR

Flow Simulation of a Microfluidic Analog of the Four-Roll Mill
F.R. Phelan_Jr. and S.D. Hudson

SOI Processing of a Ring Electrokinetic Chaotic Micromixer
Y.T. Zhang, H. Chen, I. Mezic, C.D. Meinhart, L. Petzold and N.C. MacDonald
university of california, santa barbara, US

Spacific Flow Control Systems Using IR Laser Induced Sol-Gel Transfer of Hydrogel
J. Tanaka, Y. Shirasaki, M. Tatsuoka, T. Funatsu, S. Watabe, S. Shoji, T. Edura, J. Mizuno and Y. Wada
Waseda University, JP

Optimization of Mixing in an Active Micromixing Device
G. Mathew, I. Mezic, R. Serban and L. Petzold
University of California, Santa Barbara, US

Droplet Movement Induced by Nano Assembled Molecules And Micro Textures
F-G Tseng and S.C. Chien
National Tsing Hua University, ESS Dept., TW

Analysis of AC-Driven Electroosmotic Flow in a Microchannel Packed with Microspheres
Y.J. Kang, C. Yang and X.Y. Huang
Nanyang Technological University, SG

An Effective Passive Micromixer Employing Herringbone Structure
C-F Kung, C-F Chen, C-C Chu and F-G Tseng
IAM, National Taiwan University, TW

Novel 2D Interfaces for Nanoelectrospray-Mass Spectrometry
S. Arscott, S. Le Gac, C. Druon, P. Tabourier and C. Rolando

DEP Particle Dynamics and the Steady Drag Assumption
S.T. Wereley, I. Whitacre, R. Bashir and H.B. Li
Purdue University, US

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