MSM 99
MSM 99
Technical Proceedings of the 1999 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Implant and Diffusion Modeling Chapter 10

Modeling and Simulation of Non-Linear Damage Growth During Ion Implants in Silicon

Authors: M-S. Son, H-J. Hwang

Affilation: Chung-Ang University, Korea

Pages: 359 - 362

Keywords: implantation, Monte Carlo simulation, accumulative damage, defect recombination, silicon

In this work, we presents a newly proposed and enhanced damage model for the accurate prediction of both as-implanted impurity and point defect profiles in Monte Carlo simulation of ion implantation in (100) crystalline silicon. For the damage accumulation, we considered the self-annealing effects by introducing our proposed non-linear recombination probability function of each point defect for the computationally efficiency in fully simulated dynamic model. Our damage model shows very reasonable agreement with the experiments for the damage and the impurity profiles.

ISBN: 0-9666135-4-6
Pages: 697