MSM 98
MSM 98
Technical Proceedings of the 1998 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Applications: Semiconductors Chapter 9

The Influence of Space Quantization Effect on the Threshold Voltage, Inversion Layer and Total Gate Capacitance in Scaled Si-MOSFETs
D. Vasileska and D.K. Ferry
Arizona State University, US

Concurrent Process, Device and Integrated Circuit Development by Predictive Engineering for Smart Power Technologies
M. Bafleur, T. Dinh, H. Park, R. Thoma, T. Zirkle and A. Wild

Simulations of a New CMOS Compatible Method to Enhance the Breakdown Voltage of Highly-Doped Shallow PN Junctions
A. Pauchard, P.A. Besse and R.S. Popovic

Hierarchical Approach to Simulation in a Vertical System for the TriCore Microcontroller
C. Salzmann, E. Chesters, P. Coelho, Y-C Fu, J. Madala, M. Reddy and F. Wang
Siemens Microelectronics, Inc., US

A Physics-Based Characterized Model for an Ultrafast Planar Rectifier
Z. Hossain, W. Fragale, W. Simpson and G. Dashney
Motorola, Inc., US

Cellular Automata Studies of Vertical MOSFETs
M. Saraniti, S. Wigger, G. Zandler, G. Formicone and S.M. Goodnick
Arizona State University, US

Simulation of Narrow-Width Effects in Sub-Half-Micron n-MOSFETs with LOCOS Isolation
K.V. Loiko, I.V. Peidous, H-M Ho and D.H. Lim
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., SG

Breakdown in the Output Characteristics of Deep Submicron, a-Si:H TFTs
L. Colalongo, M. Valdinoci, G. Forunato, L. Mariucci and M. Rudan
University of Bologna, IT

ISBN: 0-96661-35-0-3
Pages: 678