MSM 98
MSM 98
Technical Proceedings of the 1998 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Equivalent Circuits, Behavioral and Multilevel Simulation Chapter 6

Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Microelectromechanical Devices with a Circuit Simulation Program

Authors: T. Veijola, H. Kuisma and J. Lahdenperä

Affilation: Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Pages: 245 - 250

Keywords: Simulation model, electrical equivalencies, gas-film damping, squeezed-film damping, accelerometer model, block models

Simulation blocks of micromechanical sensors and actuators modelling their dynamic electromechanical and fluidic operation are presented. Due to the electrical equivalent circuit realization the sensor system simulations in the frequency and time domains are possible. A sample library containing parameterized building blocks of inertial sensors is constructed. These component blocks include models for mass-spring systems, capacitance, electrostatic force and gas-film damping in the air gap. The sample library is written in the modelling language of the circuit simulation program APLAC. As an example, an accelerometer model is constructed of the components in the sample library, and its characteristics are simulated in the frequency and time domains.

ISBN: 0-96661-35-0-3
Pages: 678