Nanotech 2002 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2002 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Circuit Simulation Chapter 12

An Algorithm for the Inclusion of RC Compact Models of Packages into Board Level Thermal Simulation Tools

Authors: M. Rencz, V. Székely and B. Courtois

Affilation: TIMA-CMP, France

Pages: 612 - 615

Keywords: RC compact models, packages, board level thermal simulation tools

The paper presents an algorithm for the co-simulation of packages, given with the RC compact models, and the printed circuit boards. This enables beyond the correct detailed consideration of the heat transfer in the board the calculation of the exact junction temperatures within the packages. Considering individual heat transfer coefficients for each package, or even to each side of the packages, depending on the compact models, is possible. The main advantage is that the methodology keeps the exreme fastness and user friendliness of the board level solvers.

ISBN: 0-9708275-7-1
Pages: 764