Nanotech 2002 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2002 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Quantum Effects, Quantum Devices and Spintronics Chapter 10

Simulation of Wigner Function Transport in Tunneling and Quantum Structures
C. Jacoboni, A. Bertoni, P. Bordone and N. Giacobbi
University of Modena, IT

The Use of a Green's Function Formalism for the Simulation of Semiconductor Device Performance
D. Jovanovic
Motorola, US

Self-consistent Modeling of Open Quantum Devices
R. Akis, L. Shifren and D.K. Ferry
Arizona State University, US

The Landauer Approach to the Critical Source-Channel Barrier in MOSFETs
M. Lundstrom and J.H. Rhew
Purdue University, US

The Use of Quantum Potentials for Confinement in Semiconductor Devices
A. Asenov, A.R. Brown and J.R. Watling
Glasgow University, UK

Predictive Process Simulation and Ab-initio Calculation of the Physical Volume of Electrons in Silicon
W. Windl and M.S. Daw
Ohio State University, US

Electronic Structure of Quantum Dots
C. Hines, S.A. McCarthy, J.B. Wang and P.C. Abbott
The University of Western Australia, AU

Modeling and Simulation of Single-Electron Multi Tunnel Junction Memory
C. Le Royer, G. Le Carval, M. Sanquer and D. Fraboulet

Modelling Coupled Motion of Electrons in Quantum Dots with Wetting Layers
R.V.N. Melnik and M. Willatzen
University of Southern Denmark, DK

Principles of Electron Wave Computing using Quantum Resistor Networks
C.H. Wu
University of Missouri-Rolla, US

Electron Vorticity - Internal Energy Formulation of the Hydrodynamic Model of Electron Transport
K. Mohseni and A. Shakouri
University of Colorado, US

Quantum Effects in SOI Devices
S.S. Ahmed, R. Akis and D. Vasileska
Arizona State University, US

Residual Stress Modeling in Quantum Dots
B. Vlahovic, K. Wang, V. Suslov, S.L. Yakovlev, C. Otieno, A. Soldi and J. Dutta
North Carolina Central University, US

Computing Excitons in V-shaped Quantum Wires Including Band-Structure and Dielectric Effects : Binding energies and polarization anisotropy of the bright A1, B1, A2 excitons
M.A. Dupertuis, D.Y. Oberli and E. Kapon
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-EPFL, CH

Gain in a Semiconductor Waveguide Qubit
J. Harris, R. Akis and D.K. Ferry
Arizona State University, US

Binding Energy of an Exciton Bound to a Charged Impurity in Quantum Dots
W. Xie
Guangzhou University, CN

A Systematic Search for New Scintillators using Electronic Structure Calculations
M. Klintenberg, S.E Derenzo and M.J. Weber
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US

Computer Simulation of Electron Energy States for Three-Dimensional InAs/GaAs Semiconductor Quantum Rings
Y. Li, O. Voskoboynikov and C.P. Lee
National Nano Device Laboratories, TW

ISBN: 0-9708275-7-1
Pages: 764