MSM 2000
MSM 2000
Technical Proceedings of the 2000 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Applications: Microfluidics Chapter 13

Theoretical Approximations for the Average Linear Flow of Carrier Gas Through a Rectangular GC Column

Authors: G.E. Spangler

Affilation: Technispan LLC, United States

Pages: 562 - 565

Keywords: gas chromatography, resolution, HETP, flow mechanics, microfluidics

The ability of a gas chromatographic (GC) column to separate two compounds is determined by its analytical resolution. The height equivalent to a theoretical plate (HETP) is given by Eq. 1. For a rectangular column, the average linear velocity u is given by Eq. 2. The evel of approximation can be varied.

ISBN: 0-9666135-7-0
Pages: 741