Nanotech 2002 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2002 Vol. 2
Technical Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Quantum Effects, Quantum Devices and Spintronics Chapter 9

Simulation of Wigner Function Transport in Tunneling and Quantum Structures

Authors: C. Jacoboni, A. Bertoni, P. Bordone and N. Giacobbi

Affilation: University of Modena, Italy

Pages: 177 - 180

Keywords: Wigner function, quantum transport, Monte Carlo, mesoscopic systems, tunneling

The Wigner-function approach to quantum transport in mesoscopic electron devices is presented. The concept of Wigner paths allows the formulation of a Monte Carlo simulation which is quantum mechanically rigorous and yet very similar to the one used in semi-classical transport theory. The effect of a potential profile is separated into a term acting as a classical force in the particle orbits and a scattering integral that contains only quantum effects. Phonon scattering is included in the paths in a way that takes automatically into account all quantum effects, such as intracollisional field effect and collisional broadening.

ISBN: 0-9708275-6-3
Pages: 504