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TechConnect Summit Announces Programs and Keynote Speakers for Inaugural Event

Techconnect delivers industry's first one of a kind community for technology innovators and investors - merges two sides to fuel cutting-edge innovation.
BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 7, 2006--TechConnect, a global technology outreach organization dedicated to locating the world's most promising IP and start-up companies, today introduced the programs and speakers for its inaugural event. The TechConnect Summit will feature more than 60 peer-reviewed licensing opportunities and 60 pre-vetted venture companies from around the globe, commencing with a keynote address from Richard M. Russell, Associate Director, Office of Science Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President, US. TechConnect differentiates itself from other industry and business events by bringing together technologists with the world's top technology investors and companies, creating a forum for all sides to interact and explore business opportunities ranging from development and licensing partnerships, to direct investment.

"TechConnect is dedicated to uniting technologists and members of the business community with the shared goal of raising awareness of new technologies and ultimately fueling innovation and business development," said Matthew Laudon, Executive Director of TechConnect. "This year's event not only includes an impressive list of investment and licensing opportunities, it also includes presentations on strategic technology views and needs from leading corporations such as IBM, Genzyme, Analog Devices, Merck, Cisco, BASF, Cabot Corp, Sanyo and Goodrich."

"This year's Inaugural TechConnect Summit eliminates the barriers to innovation by creating a community that brings together the brightest technology minds with interested members of the business community," said Dr. Brent Segal, General Partner, from Atomic Venture Partners. "I look forward to attending this event, seeing these technologies first hand and potentially helping some of these early stage ideas come to life."

The TechConnect 2006 keynote speakers (jointly with Nanotech 2006) include:

    --  Richard M. Russell
        Associate Director, Office of Science Technology Policy, 
        Executive Office of the President, US
        Russell will be speaking on the topic of technology and
        commercialization policy for emerging technologies such as
        nanotechnology and their impact on the nation

    --  Ashley J. Stevens
        Director, Office of Technology Transfer at Boston University
        Stevens will be speaking about the challenges professional
        technology matchmakers face in sourcing new discoveries,
        pushing technologies to market and fueling the innovation

    --  Bruce M. Pratt
        Vice President of Science Development at Genzyme Corporation
        Pratt will be speaking about commercializing new technologies,
        matching technologies with corporate needs and how companies
        go about finding and evaluating technologies

    --  Thomas Theis
        Director, Physical Sciences, IBM
        Theis will be speaking on the topic of Microelectronics,
        Nanoelectronics, and the Future of Information Technology

This year's event includes presentations of peer-vetted licensing opportunities from 60 IP organizations including corporations and universities. A sample of those presenting includes:

-- University of Queensland Australia

-- Boston University

-- University of Washington

-- Rensselaer Polytechnic University

-- Boston Biomedical Research Institute

-- Harvard University

-- University of Massachusetts

-- Xtalic Corporation

-- Tufts University

-- Faraday Technology Inc

-- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

-- National University of Singapore

-- Phoqus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

-- University of Alaska Fairbanks

-- Rice University

-- Yale University

-- University of Michigan

-- Stockholm University

-- Quantum Wave Technologies

-- The Solaire Company, LLC

-- University of Vermont

TechConnect 2006 will also include presentations from over 60 key venture companies from most every industrial sector. A sample of those presenting includes:

-- AmberWave Systems Corporation

-- BioMemetic Systems

-- Carigent Therapeutics

-- ChemNova Technologies

-- GeneEx

-- Medical Ink Jet technologies

-- NanoDynamics, Inc.

-- Nanomix

-- Cyscade Solar

-- Silk Displays

-- PolyMedix, Inc.

-- Prism Solar Technologies

-- Sequoia Pacific Research Company, L.L.C. (SPRC)

-- Telomolecular

For a full list of presenters visit

The TechConnect 2006 Summit runs concurrently with Nanotech 2006, Clean & Controlled Environments (in conjunction with Vicon Publishing's Controlled Environments) and BioNano 2006. The TechConnect Conference, beginning on May 8 and running through May 9, will feature more than 60 presenters. All events will be held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. For more information about this show, visit

About TechConnect Summit:

TechConnect is a global technology outreach organization, dedicated to bringing together the world's most promising IP and start-up companies across all industries and technology focus areas. TechConnect is founded upon the application of the academic Peer-Review process towards the evaluation of emerging technologies and early stage venture companies. With extensive knowledge in industry, academia, and business development, TechConnect brings only the best ideas and companies to its audience through publications, events, and outreach activities. The annual TechConnect Summit provides the largest global snapshot of peer reviewed emerging technologies, IP and early stage companies based on their market impact and positioning.

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