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Duncan Macleod, Vice President Shell Hydrogen, to Keynote at CTSI Clean Technology 2008

Shell Vice President to Explore Global Energy Challenges, Future Mobility and Hydrogen

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clean Technology 2008 today announced that Duncan Macleod, Vice President of Shell Hydrogen Company, will deliver a keynote speech at the conference. Clean Technology 2008 will take place in Boston, Massachusetts at the Hynes Convention Center June 2-5, 2008. Mr. Macleod will speak on June 3rd.

Macleod’s speech will address how, in an increasingly CO2 constrained world with global growth in demand for mobility continuing, there will be constraints on the supply of liquid hydrocarbons--even with unconventional, GTL (gas-to-liquid) and biofuels. Though energy efficiency and drivetrain technology are improving, electrics--hybrids, plug-ins, batteries and ultimately FCVs (fuel cell vehicles)--must all have a place in the solution.

“It matters for the plug-ins what the electricity source is,” said Mr. Macleod. “The fuel cell vehicle brings the only pure CO2 free drivetrain. Our role is to bring the hydrogen fueling infrastructure and cleaner, fully renewable hydrogen to the market. Our vision is to maximize hydrogen’s contribution to global CO2 management in order to create competitive advantage and combat climate change.”

Mr. Macleod is a member of the Advisory Council for the EU Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Platform, the California Hydrogen Highway Network Advisory Panel and The California Fuel Cell Partnership Steering Team. His personal vision is that for Shell to be successful for another 100 years, substantial new energy businesses such as hydrogen must be developed now. In January 2006 Duncan Macleod became Vice President in charge of Shell Hydrogen, a Shell business created in 1999 to develop hydrogen as a future fuel for mobility and power.

“The challenges of increasing the world’s clean energy supply has become a major focus for oil companies such as Shell,” said Matthew Laudon, PhD, Executive Director of CSI Events, producers of Clean Technology 2008. “This conference is a platform for asking the tough questions and finding the creative answers to our problems with companies, organizations and government leaders that can really make significant impact--the necessary impact.”

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About Clean Technology 2008

Clean Technology 2008 is a multi-disciplinary and multi-sector conference on global sustainability addressing advancements in traditional technologies, emerging technologies and clean business practices. Clean technology is the growing set of technologies, products or services aimed at improving performance, productivity or efficiency while reducing energy and operating costs, as well as waste or pollution.

About Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries Organization

The Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization (CTSI) is a not-for-profit membership organization whose mission is to advance the commercialization and global adoption of clean technologies and sustainable industry practices through a community of industry, academic, and government leaders committed to a safer, cleaner and more productive world.

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