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Nanopoint cellTRAY™ Imaging System Now Shipping

Solution delivers time lapse live cell imaging while reducing experiment costs.
Santa Clara, CA (Nano Science and Technology Institute) May 21, 2007 -- Nanopoint, Inc. ( announces the availability of cellTRAY Imaging System "CT-1000", a unique system designed for live cell experimentation and imaging at high levels of precision while significantly reducing the cost per experiment.

The cellTRAY Imaging System creates new levels of efficiency for the study of live cells and enables new approaches for multiple cell analysis & simultaneous processing. Unlike standard well plate-based systems, the cellTRAY Imaging System provides for the isolation of cells into an array of micro-wells connected via fluidic channels allowing researchers to observe individual cells throughout the experiment, automatically navigate the wells, and capture images of live cells over time.

"The cellTRAY will be a great help to us in our attempts to develop a pharmaceutical drug screening tool," said Dr. Kevin Chinn, Director of Cellular Bioengineering in Honolulu, HI. "Our device will use the cellTRAY to test the behavior of excitable cells in response to thousands of different compounds for drug safety studies."

"Nanopoint's cellTRAY Imaging System is an excellent way for researchers in bioresearch, drug discovery or regenerative medicine to observe and study individual cellular behaviors over time without requiring a steep learning curve," said Cathy Owen, Nanopoint's President. "The cellTRAY uses nanoliters of material and reagents, significantly reducing experiment costs while enabling new applications where the researcher has limited materials, such as primary cells."

Nanopoint's cellTRAY Imaging System is compatible with all optical microscopes and is ideal for cell-based assays such as cell viability, apoptosis, and RNAi studies. Nanopoint's cellTRAY Imaging System provides more capacity, requires fewer cells per day, uses significantly less reagent per experiment, generates less biological waste, and provides time lapse live cell imaging capabilities not found in other products on the market today. Pricing starts at $10,000.

Nanopoint, Inc. is a privately-held nano-biotechnology company that is revolutionizing the study and treatment of diseases with its live cell imaging solutions. Nanopoint's cellTRAY Imaging System products have broad applications to life science research, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical production as well as other areas where live cell analysis is important. For more information, visit the Nanopoint website at

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