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TechConnect Announces Winners of Emerging Technology Awards at TechConnect Summit 2007 in Santa Clara

IP Winners and Other Technologies to be Exclusively Presented at May 23rd-24th Event.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TechConnect, a global technology outreach organization dedicated to locating the worlds most promising IP and start-up companies, today announced its Emerging Technology Award recipients for 2007. The three winning organizations were selected to receive the awards by a review team comprised of members of the TechConnect Executive Committee and the Advisory Board.

TechConnects Emerging Technology program provides an ideal forum for universities, research institutions, and early-stage technology companies to showcase their technologies and market advantages to potential go-to-market partners, said Matthew Laudon of TechConnect, co-producer of the event. More than 120 companies and universities submitted their technical intellectual property (IP) and business plans into the event, and about forty percent were invited to present. The vetted companies and IP will present and address in front of the global business and investment audience coming to the Summit.

The top three technology presentations were selected for the 2007 TechConnect Emerging Technology Awards. The recipients include:

In Physical Sciences:
Industrial Categories - Materials
Thermally and Electrically Conductive Adhesive
Atlas Scientific
NextTechs Technologies, LLC, TX, US
Participants include:
Ali Kashini, Atlas Scientific
Carlos Gorrichateugui, Ph.D., NextTechs Technologies, LLC

Life Sciences
Industrial Categories - Health & Medical Devices
Heart Sensing Radar
University of Hawaii, US
Participants include:
Victor Lubecke, University of Hawaii

Physical Sciences
Industrial Categories - Solar Cells, Photovoltaics
Air-stable Inorganic Nanocrystal Solar Cells Processed from Solution
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, US
Participants include:
Ilan Gur, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The TechConnect Emerging Technology Award winners are selected by a review team comprised of business and investment leaders on the TechConnect Vetting Team including such organizations as:

Boston University            Merck
Massachusetts TTC            Pfizer
University of California     Motorola
Rice University              DaimlerChrysler
Yale University              Goodrich
University of Minnesota      University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Illinois       University of California San Diego
Northwestern University      Analog Devices, Inc.
IBM                          Intel
University of Pittsburgh     Imperial College-London
University of Geneva, CH     Ford Motor Company
Cabot Corporation            Georgia Tech
Honeywell                    In-Q-Tel
Novartis                     BASF
Sanyo                        ExxonMobil
University of Florida        Medtronic
New York University          Johns Hopkins University
Tufts University             Honda
P&G                          Atomic Venture Partners
UNC-Chapel Hill              Tiax, LLC
Council of Scientific        Stanford University
Research, India            MSBi Capital
UCLA                         Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

TechConnect is the first community bringing together the worlds top technology generators, developers and investors within diverse categories, such as automotive, electronics, energy, media, chemicals, food and health care. TechConnect applies the academic peer-review process to a business vetting procedure to identify only the best IP and technology global opportunities. The annual TechConnect Summit will be held in Santa Clara at the Convention Center May 22nd and 23rd in 2007. The event fills an enormous void in the marketplace by creating a venue of commercialization for innovators and early stage companies in which these groups are able to meet face-to-face with investors and enterprises looking to find tomorrows technology today.

About TechConnect:

TechConnect is a global technology outreach organization, dedicated to bringing together the worlds most promising IP and start-up companies across all industries and technology focus areas. TechConnect is founded upon the application of the academic Peer-Review process towards the evaluation of emerging technologies and early stage venture companies. With extensive knowledge in industry, academia, and business development, TechConnect brings only the best ideas and companies to its audience through publications, events, and outreach activities. The annual TechConnect Summit provides the largest global snapshot of peer reviewed emerging technologies, IP and early stage companies based on their market impact and positioning.

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