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NSTI Nanotech 2007 Call for Papers Final Deadline for Abstracts November 17, 2006

Nanotech 2007, the largest nanotechnology conference in the U.S, will be held May 20-24 2007 in Santa Clara, California.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) Nanotech 2007 Call for Papers is will close November 17, 2006. The 2007 event is expanding to highlight how top nanoscience and nanotechnology research is having an impact on R&D at Fortune 500 companies as well as health and environmental issues. Nanotech 2007, the largest nanotechnology conference in the U.S, will be held May 20-24 2007 in Santa Clara, California.

Papers on the following nanotechnology topics are in highest demand for Nanotech 2007 submissions:

Nano in Medicine: (Cancer Detection, Live-Cell Research, Assisting with Gene Therapy, Drug Formulation ad Delivery, and a special symposium with the National Cancer Institute);

Nano in Energy: (Nano-Enabled Fuel Cells, Nanomaterials for Oil Extraction, Light-Weight Composites for Better Energy Efficiency);

Nano in Consumer Goods: (Nanostructured Fluids, Soft Nano, Filtration & Separation, Smart Packaging -- including the Health & Environmental Summit on Nano);

Nano and Security: (Sensors, Filtration, Integrated Systems);

Nano and Materials: (Carbon nanotubes, Nanomanufacturing, Fabrication, Composites)

Nano and Electronics: (Semiconductor research, Advanced Lithography, Modeling, MEMS, Atomic Simulation, Displays & Thin Films)

F1000 Nano R&D, Partnership Efforts: (Internal or co-operative research and co-development efforts between large commercial firms, and university, research centers, and government labs).

Submissions can be made online at:

For more on Nanotech 2006s event and program speakers, go to:

More About Nanotech 2007 The Largest Nano-Focused Conference in the U.S.

Nanotech 2007 is produced by Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI), which has been holding Nanotech events for 10 years.

Last years Nanotech 2006 4-day event held in Boston, Mass. in May of 2006, drew more than 3,000 attendees, a record number of nano-professionals attending a single event.

Attendees represented leading F500 firms, commercial nano research firms, educational institutions and government agencies from the U.S. and overseas. In addition, Nanotech 2006 also hosted some 250 exhibitors from all sectors of nanoscience and nanotechnology, including optics, test and measurement tools, design and modeling, electronics, thin film, composites, bionano reagents and devices, clean and controlled environments, among others.

Now that we are coming back to the San Francisco Bay Area, a center of high-tech innovation, we expect Nanotech 2007 will attract up to 4,000 attendees, said Matthew Laudon, NSTI Executive Director. We want Nanotech 2007 is to maintain its leadership among nanoscience events, and the best way to showcase for our attendees the broadest array possible of top nanoscience experts -- along with their potentially-disruptive research results, Laudon added.

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The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI; is chartered with the advancement and integration of nano and other advanced technologies through education, collaboration and research services. NSTI accomplishes this mission through its annual Nanotech 200x conference and trade show, the worlds largest event to focus on nanoscience and nanotechnology, attracting more than 3,000 industrial, academic, business and governmental attendees from around the world.

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