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Australia Backs Nanotech Research for “Real-World” Applications

View Some of the "Real World" Australian Nanotech Products on Display at NSTI from Australia — Including Solar Cells, Designer Cosmetics, and Transdermal Applications.
BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 8, 2006--

  View Some of the "Real World" Australian Nanotech Products on Display at NSTI from Australia -- Including Solar Cells, Designer Cosmetics, and Transdermal Applications  

Australia, which is globally recognized for its Government-backed research facilities that consistently spin-out commercially focused innovation, will this year present some of its best R&D at NSTI Nanotech 2006 (May 7-11, 2006).

On display at the Australian Pavilion at NSTI will be some of the nanotech breakthroughs being used in real products providing solutions to real world problems (Stand #1003).

Robert Hunt, Invest Australia's Senior Investment Commissioner for North America, said Australia invests more than AUD100 million ($US 75 million) per year in nanotech research. Government and private-sector funding supports world-class researchers and facilities, and creates a vibrant and fast-growing industrial base that is winning international partnerships.

"Australia has already integrated nanotechnology into products such as the bionic ear, clear UV-resistant sun creams and cosmetics, rapid medical diagnostics and self-cleaning paints. Meanwhile, many more commercially viable applications are being developed for a wide range of industry sectors including consumer products, biotechnology, energy, ICT and the environment," he said.

He said more than eight R&D centers will be represented at the conference, as well as some of Australia's leading nanotech firms, and encouraged US deal makers to meet with the delegates for a first look at lucrative investment opportunities.

Some of the organizations attending include:

Advanced Nanotechnology Limited


CRC for micro Technology

Flinders University

Nanotechnology Victoria

The Australian TCF Technology Network

UniQuest, The University of Queensland

Victorian Government

Australia has a number of experts that will present to the Conference about Australian research and commercialization success in nanotechnology.


10:30 Nano Particulates: Dry Synthesis and Application Room 206
Session chair: Sotiris Pratasinis, ETH Zurich, CH
11:20 Expansion-Limited Nanocluster Growth in a Plume Formed by
 MHz-Pulse-Rate Laser Ablation
( )
A.V. Rode, N.R. Madsen, E.G. Gamaly and B. Luther-Davies, The
 Australian National University, AU

4:00 Nano Particles: Wet Synthesis and Applications
Room 206
Session chair: Rafal Romanowicz, Maillefer Instruments, CH
5:00 Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles Using Spinning Disc
( )
N. Smith, C.L. Raston, M. Saunders and R. Woodward, The University of 
 Western Australia, AU


1:30 NanoFab: Top Down II -- Direct Write -- Sponsored by ASML
Room 200
Session chair: Joe Consolini, ASML, US
3:00 Real-Time Drift Correction of a Focused Ion Beam Milling System
( )
D. Freeman, B. Luther-Davies and S. Madden, The Australian National 
 University, AU

6:00 CNT: Electronic Properties and Electronic Emission
Room 207
Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
6:00 Spin Glass Behaviour of Magnetic Carbon Nanoclusters
( )
A.V. Rode, A.G. Christy, N.R. Madsen, E.G. Gamaly, B. Luther-Davies, 
 D. Arcon, A. Zorko and Z. Jaglicic, The Australian National 
 University, AU

Micro & Nano Fluidics -- 2
Expo Hall
Thermal modeling of a PMMA microfluidic separation chip
( )
Y. Zhu and A. Bui, CSIRO Australia, AU

About Invest Australia -- USA --

Invest Australia, the Australian Government's inward investment agency, helps international companies build their businesses in Australia. It is the national first point of contact for investment inquiries and offers potential investors free, comprehensive and confidential assistance.

Invest Australia has investment advisory specialists in 11 locations around the world, including San Francisco and New York. Since 1997 Invest Australia has helped a wide range of international businesses invest in Australia.

Over the past three and a half years to December 2005, Invest Australia had a verified role in 248 foreign investment projects worth US$28.37 billion, creating 19,000 jobs.

For further information about investment opportunities in Australia visit or contact Invest Australia's Senior Investment Commissioner for North America in San Francisco on +415 243 2076.

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