Nano TechConnect News

NASA Researchers Able to Grow Uniform Layer of Super-Black Carbon Nanotubes on Uneven Surfaces
07/27/13 08:28 PM EST
This breakthrough would allow super-black nanotubes to be grown on 3D components.

Nano Labs Wants to Revolutionize Fabric Softeners
07/27/13 08:23 PM EST
Company’s nanotechnology is able to trap active ingredients in clothes softeners and release them in a more controlled manner.

Energy Conservation Applications Sought for U.S. Navy
07/26/13 03:41 PM EST
Deadline: November 30, 2014

DornerWorks Selected to 2013 Inner City 100, Ranking of Fastest-Growing Urban Businesses in the US
06/24/13 11:02 AM EST
TechConnect Innovation Tracking: DornerWorks, a TechConnect Accelerator Participant, TechConnect World 2013, Washington, DC, US

UMASS to Receive $95 Million for the Creation of Three Life Sciences Centers on Amherst Campus
06/24/13 11:02 AM EST
Research centers will be part of the university’s new Life Sciences Laboratories.

FlexEnergy Receives State Job Training Grant
06/24/13 11:00 AM EST
TechConnect Innovation Tracking: FlexEnergy, a TechConnect Accelerator Participant, TechConnect World 2010, Anaheim, CA, US

Printing Tiny Batteries
06/24/13 10:59 AM EST
Novel application of 3D printing could enable the development 
of miniaturized medical implants, compact electronics, tiny robots, and more

GE Aviation to Build Ceramic Matrix Composites Plant in North Carolina
06/24/13 10:58 AM EST
Plant will manufacture the nano composites for high-pressure turbine components

Bed Bugs Be Gone! Thank You, Nanotechnology
06/24/13 10:58 AM EST
Stony Brook University researchers develop nanoweb that can capture bed bugs in a non-toxic way

U.S. and Canada Research Team Tackling Costs of Fuel Cells
06/24/13 10:57 AM EST
U.S. Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the University of Waterloo want to replace platinum catalysts with their proprietary non-precious metals.