Spanish Researcher Patents Biotechnology Product to Make Waterproof Paper Using Natural Enzymes

By: Jennifer Rocha

Through biotechnological and environmentally friendly methods, it will allow the surface of paper products to be modified simply without interrupting the production process and will help save large amounts of chemicals.

Story content courtesy of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, ES

Oriol Cusola, a member of the CelBiotech paper research group on the UPC’s Terrassa Campus, has patented a natural aqueous compound that gives advanced properties to any cellulose base material. This major technological innovation will greatly facilitate the creation of new paper products with high added value. So far, the company applying the new product is able to make waterproof paper in an alternative way using biotechnology and without using the common chemicals that hinder recycling. By means of a single application, the new product makes paper multifunctional or gives it several properties, such as being hydrophobic and antioxidant or acting as a barrier.

The group have also experimented with cellulose-based textiles to check the effectiveness of the new product. One of the results is that they were able to make a baby’s bib waterproof on one side by spraying it with the product.

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