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  Electronics & Microsystems

Lithuania and IBM Announce Research Partnership - Research team R&D efforts to focus on nanotechnology, healthcare, and patent creation & management ...Read more


Intel’s Atom Architecture to Go Even Smaller - Electronics giant looks to create chips based on 15nm technology ...Read more


NIST Nanoscale Dimensioning Technique Wins R&D 100 Award - Developed by Ravikiran Attota, a lead researcher in NIST's Precision Engineering Division, Through-Focus Scanning Optical Microscopy (TSOM) has applications that cut across a range of industries. ...Read more

  Chemicals & Materials

European Research Team Develops New Method to Rotate Electron Beams - Technique has potential to study magnetic properties of materials and ability to manipulate nanoparticles into motion...Read more


Nanocatalyst Looks To Give Your Car a Boost - Nanoparticle-based catalysts developed by Rice University would help oil refineries make gasoline processing more clean and efficient...Read more

  Energy & Cleantech

Florida State University Professor’s CNT Technology Catches Attention of Technology Company - Bing Energy, Inc. enters into commercialization agreement with FSU for exclusive rights to technology...Read more


Three Solar Companies Utilizing Nanotechnology Receive Over $4M in Department of Energy (DOE) Grants - Applied Nanotech, Microlink, and Ultrasonic Technologies focus on advanced solar PV and manufacturing....Read more

  Health Sciences & Biotech/Pharma

UC Berkeley Researchers Create Novel Artificial Skin Using Nanotechnology - ‘E-Skin’ is formed of nanowires made from artificial materials, and mimics sensitivity of the human touch...Read more


“Nanosprings” Offer Improved Performance in Biomedicine, Electronics - Researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) have reported the successful loading of biological molecules onto “nanosprings”....Read more

  Where the Investment Is

5,000+ Acre Innovation Park to be Built in Mumbai - Innovation complex would be home to R&D efforts in several technology areas, including nanotechnology, cleantechnology, fuel cells, and biotechnology....Read more


Nanostart AG Reports Strong Numbers for First Half of 2010 - Nanotech investment company has best first six months figures since the company was founded in 2003... Read more


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