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  Electronics & Microsystems

Beam Pen Could Hold Key to Optimizing Nanofabrication - Research team at Northwestern University developed the beam pen lithography method ...Read more


Fractals Make Better Superconductors - European research team discovered that optimal superconductivity was obtained when the microstructure was most 'connected' ...Read more

  Chemicals & Materials

Butterfly Wings Inspire New GE-DARPA Advanced Sensors Project - Research group looks to replicate sensitivity of Morphos butterfly wings and apply to new generation of sensor technology...Read more


University Researchers Develop Novel Anti-Bacterial Nanocoating - The new coating brings together CNTs with lysostaphin...Read more

  Energy & Cleantech

Shell Global Solutions Launches CENTERA™ for Cleaner Fuel Development in China - CENTERA™ is nano-based third generation catalysts, which are currently being deployed at refineries in North and South America, as well as Europe...Read more


University-Business Join Forces To Develop Novel Solar Thin Film - Transparent film developed by the University of Leicester could be more effective than PV panels....Read more


New catalyst of platinum nanoparticles could lead to conk-out free, stable fuel cells - Scientists at Cornell University’s Energy Materials Center discover a catalyst and catalyst-support combination for next generation fuel cells....Read more

  Health Sciences & Biotech/Pharma

Mauro Ferrari, Ph.D Named President and CEO of The Methodist Hospital Research Institute - Dr. Ferrari is a pioneer in the use of biomedical nano and micro-technology for advanced drug delivery, lab diagnostics, and regenerative medicine...Read more


Nano-Transducers Hold Promise For Early Detection of Bone Cancer - UK researchers develop ultrasonic nano-enabled transducers for cellular imaging....Read more

  Featured White Paper

 Advances in Nanotechnology White Paper -
Nanotechnology is already used in thousands of products looking to explore the amazing properties of nanoparticles. Industries as diverse as the life sciences, clean technology, aerospace and defense are seeing the dramatic possibilities that nanotechnology can open in their fields. The Advances in Nanotechnology white paper describes some of these opportunities. Specifically, it discusses:

  • Some of the most promising and ambitious nanotech research projects and industry products
  • The advantages and challenges inherent in the nanotech field
  • Nanotech’s applications in the life sciences, clean technology, aviation, aerospace and defense
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  Where the Investment Is

Energy Independence and Micro Grid Opportunity Focus of Second Annual Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit - As an island state, Hawai‘i’s expedited need for renewable energy and self-sufficiency makes it a perfect location for innovators to develop and implement new technologies on the state’s microgrids...Read more


Ireland Announces Multi-Million Research Funding Plan - More than $47 million USD to go to country’s university research centers... Read more


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