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April 2010 Issue
  Nanotech Conference and Expo 2010

June 21-24, 2010
Anaheim, CA, US

Anaheim Convention Center
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Corporate Partner Presenters

Lockheed Martin Honda
GE Healthcare
Applied Materials
Procter and Gamble


  Electronics & Microsystems

Nanotech and Microtech 2010 Joint Program Announced

Special Symposia in: Nano Electronics, NanoFab, NanoSimulation, NanoReliability, Inkjet, MEMS Device & Fab

Speakers Include: Lockheed Martin, GE, Eastman Kodak, Toray, Fuji Electric, Sanyo, Omron, Honda, Samsung, Panasonic, Seimens, Dimatix, Accelrys, Intel, IBM, Texas Instruments, Applied Materials, NanoInk, Agilent, SoftMEMS, Raith, Asylum, FEI, Veeco, Wispry, Nextreme, SiTime, TranSiC, Baolab, Microlyne, Microvision, Alces, Sand 9, Bartels, Daimler, Infineon, Bosch, Honeywell, Triad Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics and hundreds of leading researchers from around the world...View Program


NC State University Develops Novel “Smart Sensors” - Sensors to be designed to operate under extreme conditions, such as those found in defense and security situations...Read more


Samsung Introduces Production of 20 nm-Class Chip for NAND Flash Memory - An industry first, Samsung’s chips are optimal for advanced memory solutions...Read more

  Chemicals & Materials

Nanotech 2010 Advanced Materials Program Announced

Special Symposia in: Nanoscale Characterization, Nanoparticles, Polymer, Composites, Coatings & Surfaces, BioNano Materials, Nano for PV, Nano for Storage, EHS

Speakers Include: BASF, Dow, Applied Materials, Lockheed Martin, Nanocomp, SWeNT, BP, Chevron, GE, Merck, BYK-Chemie, NIST, US Army, Philips Research, Novomer, Mintek, Optical Dynamics, SweTree Technologies, Invitrogen, Xerox, RTI, Molecular Probes, Hecus, Agilent, ExxonMobil, and hundreds of leading researchers from around the world...View Program


Cotton as Strong as Steel? Maybe Someday - Swiss and US university research teams are using cotton fiber as the foundation for a novel nano cloth...Read more


‘Molecular Paper’ Developed by Berkeley Lab Scientists - Scientists have created largest self-assembled, two-dimensional nano-sheets formed in water to date..Read more

  Energy & Cleantech

Nanotech 2010 Energy, Environment and Cleantech Program Announced

Special Symposia in: Nanotech for Photovoltaics, Energy Storage, Oil & Gas, Water, Remediation, Environment, Health & Safety

Speakers Include: Toray Industries, Fuji Electric, Sanyo, Xtreme Power, Ballard Power, GE, PowerGenix, Catalyx, Electrovaya, Wildcat, Oorja Protonics, Quantum Tech, Ananod-Solar, Millennium Electronics, Altairnano, Solterra, SolFocus, Dow, Omron, Chevron, CDC, NIOSH, NREL, US Navy, Seacoast Science, Novomer, Nanosteller, Hitachi, Lockheed Martin, PARC, XPV Capital, Fresh & Easy, APTwater, IBM, Siemens, BYK-Chemie, and hundreds of leading researchers from around the world...View Program


Natcore Technology Acquires Vanguard Solar - Acquisition will strengthen Natcore’s portfolio of solar energy IP...Read more


GM to Double Size of its Battery Lab in Michigan - Auto giant to spend $8 million to accelerate development & expertise for electric vehicles and advanced battery technology...Read more

  Health Sciences & Biotech/Pharma

Nanotech 2010 Bio Nanotech Program Announced

Special Symposia in: Nanotech for Cancer, Phage, Neurology, Bio Imaging, Interfaces, Tissues, Bio Sensors

Speakers Include: Merck, Proctor & Gamble, Medtronic, Merck, GE Healthcare, Advanced Diamond, Adjuvance, CardiaLen, NanGenex, FluimediX, Endomemetics, Bilcare, Diomics, InnoSense, NanoSight, NIST, PARC, National Cancer Institute, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, NIBIB, NIOSH, and hundreds of leading scientists and researchers from around the world...View Program


Indian and Japanese Researchers To Develop New Alert for Diabetics - India’s Nanotechnology Lab to build on initial research conducted by team of Japanese universities...Read more


Using Nano to Treat Acne - UC-San Diego research team delivers acne treatment via “nano-bombs”...Read more

  Where the Investment Is

Venture Capital Shows Strong Turnaround in First Quarter of 2010 - Data shows increase in both total dollars investment and number of deals..Read more


“Smart” Solar Company Closes $40 Million Financing Round - California company plans to use funds to expand operations and strengthen financials...Read more


European Nano Study Seeks Survey Respondents - European FP7 project will focus on identifying industry factors that lead to success of nanotechnology commercialization...Read more


More than 60 Exciting Start-Up Companies to Present at TechConnect Venture Forum - Co-located with Nanotech, TechConnect Venture Forum features promising young companies utilizing nanotechnology, cleantechnology, and biotech....Read more


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