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March 2010 Issue
  Nanotech Conference and Expo 2010

June 21-24, 2010
Anaheim Convention Center

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Corporate Partner Presenters

Lockheed Martin Honda
GE Healthcare
Applied Materials
Procter and Gamble


  Electronics & Microsystems

ETH Zurich Has Developed World’s Smallest Microlaser - Novel electrically pumped laser could someday revolutionize chip technology...Read more


MIT Reseachers Working to Create Self-Assembling Computer Chips - Process being developed could become an alterative to photolithography...Read more

  Chemicals & Materials

Research Center in Finland Develops Novel Recyclable Coating for Advanced Packaging Solutions - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s novel coating is suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging...Read more


California Start-Up Introduces QuantumFilm - Company’s QuantumFilm sensors could replace silicon...Read more

  Energy & Cleantech

Turning Energy Waste Into Hydrogen Fuel - Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison develop technology to recycle wasted energy into hydrogen fuel...Read more


Chevron Testing Solar Technologies in California - Energy giant converts oil refinery to innovative solar panel facility...Read more


MIT and Korean Researchers Create New Portable Desalination Device - Novel device in large numbers could provide clean water to remote areas of the world and used in times of natural disasters...Read more

  Health Sciences & Biotech/Pharma

Like Golden Assassins, ‘Smart’ Nanoparticles Identify, Target and Kill cancer cells - Cornell researchers have developed novel gold nanoparticles in the fight against cancer...Read more


Caltech-led Team Provides Proof in Humans of RNA Interference Using Targeted Nanoparticles - Researchers unveil scientific results from siRNA Phase I clinical trial in cancer patients...Read more

  Where the Investment Is

TechConnect Ventures Seeks Nanotech Business Plans! Deadline to Submit is April 2. - TechConnect Ventures will take place June 24, co-located with the Nanotech conference, in Anaheim, CA, USA...Read more


US Senators Introduce Bill to Promote Nanotechnology in Education - The “Promote Nanotechnology in Schools Act” would encourage students to learn about nanotechnology and offer training for nanotech jobs...Read more


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