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Nanotech 2008 Proceedings Nanotech 2009 • May 3-7
George R. Brown
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Houston, TX

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NSTI Innovation Profiles
Health Sciences and Biotech/Pharma
  • R&D Profile: A high-throughput platform for nanoparticle-based multiplex in-situ hybridization in brain
    Z. Riley and A. Jeromin, Allen Institute for Brain Science

    The Allen Brain Atlas, developed by the Allen Institute for Brain Science, is the first large-scale atlas of gene expression in the mouse brain, using chromogenic in situ hybridization (cISH) to detect the location of over 20,000 genes. [more]
  • Venture Profile: Vitrimark, Inc.
    Vitrimark, Inc. exploits the unique advantages provided by nanoscale cryoimaging of biofluids to identify ultrastructural biomarkers for utility and integration in the drug development process. [more]

Chemicals, Materials & Energy
  • R&D Profile: Self-Assembly of Nanoporous Silica Colloids: from Fundamentals to Applications, I. Sokolov, Clarkson University, USA
    One of the challenges of modern nanotechnology is not only the engineering of nanoscale materials and particles, but also assembling and integrating them into larger-scale structures, devices, and systems. [more]
  • IP Profile: Novel Compounds for Disrupting Biofilms
    Novel, simple heterocyclic compounds, synthesized to resemble the structure of the natural auto inducer-2, are used as polymer coatings for water pipes, membranes and other surfaces to disrupt quorum sensing between bacterial cells and prevent the formation of biofilms. [more]
  • Nanotech 2009: Deadline For Submissions Has Been Extended to January 28 to Accommodate High Demand.
    As we enter our 12th year, NSTI Nanotech is known as the largest and most comprehensive small tech conference in the world.[more]
Nanotech 2009 Conference & Expo May 3-7, Houston, TX
Features News
  • Singapore Institute Team Discovers New Uses for Imidazolium Salts in Medicine and Alternative Energy
    Research Team Believes compound has powerful antioxidant properties to fight diseases and proves to be an efficient catalyst [more]
  • ConocoPhillips and the University of Kansas Launch Nanotech Program
    Global Energy Leader will contribute $400K/year to the Program [more]

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