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Nanotech 2008 Proceedings Nanotech 2009 • May 3-7
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NSTI Innovation Profiles
Electronics & Microsystems
  • R&D Profile: Passive Light Power Control Enabled by Nanotechnology,
    A. Donval, KiloLambda Technologies Ltd, IL

    The need to regulate and control light power is relevant not only for sophisticated communication systems but also to everyday optical equipment such as cameras or car rear-view mirror and require an active electronic feedback control. [more]
  • IP Profile: Ultrasonic Pulsed Doppler (USPD) Characterization of Nanoparticles Industry: Instrumentation
    The Ultrasonic Pulsed Doppler (USPD) system employs ultrasonic backscatter for characterization of suspensions of particles as small as sub-10 nm. Using a single transducer, it measures concentration, particle size and particle mechanical properties (e.g. compressibility). [more]

Chemicals, Materials & Energy
  • R&D Profile: Reinventing optical microscopy with nanotubes, W. Bacsa
    Nanotubes are of much interest for more than 15 years for applications in molecular electronics, transparent electrodes or functional composites. While working on the spectroscopy with individual carbon nanotubes we realized that nanotubes can be used to learn about optics at scales below the diffraction limit. [more]
  • IP Profile: Printable/Coatable Organic Solar Cells Using Carbon Nanotubes as Charge Carriers
    Organic Photovoltaic (OPVs) solar cells can achieve moderate power conversion efficiencies at low cost.They can be made at room temperature by high speed coating and printing of large flexible plastic substrates at the fraction of a cost compared to the conventional single crystal or amorphous silicon solar cells. [more]
  • Nanotech 2009: First Round of Submissions Are In for Conference Consideration
    To Accommodate High Demand, Abstracts are Being Accepted Through January 16 [more]
Featured Organization


  • Nanotechnology From the Lab to the Land
    The opportunities for nanoparticles remain limitless in the agrichemical industry. Nano World News spoke with John Hill, Process and Applications Advisor for NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology in Exton, Pa., about the manufacturing and use of nanoparticles in agriculture. [more]

Nanotech 2009 Conference & Expo

Features News
  • World Economic Forum and Government of Dubai Host Inaugural Summit on the Global Agenda
    Implementation and Importance of Nanotechnology Discussed [more]
  • New York Shopping Mall Features Nanotechnology Exhibit
    The Nanotech Exhibit is the First of Its Kind for a US Shopping Center [more]
  • Canada-Brazil Framework Agreement Focuses on Science, Technology, and Innovation
    Research Areas Include Nanotechnology and Biotechnology [more]
  • Midatech Creates PharMida AG, A New Subsidiary Applying Nanotechnology to Drug Discovery
    The mission of PharMida is to develop a strong portfolio of clinically validated gold nanoparticle-drug combinations. [more]

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