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Nanotech 2008 Proceedings Nanotech 2009 • May 3-7
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NSTI Innovation Pipeline
Electronics & Microsystems
  • R&D Profile: Low Cost Fabrication of Free-Standing Polymer Membranes with Micro- and Nanopores for Mimicking Biosystems: S. Park, Louisiana State University, US
    The ability to mimic micro- and nanostructures existing in biosystems is of great interest because it provides tools and platforms for many fundamental biophysical studies and technological applications. [more]
  • IP Profile: Tactile sensors for prosthetic limb applications
    The technology is aimed at development of a mechanosensor based on electro-active polymer (EAP), that can sense vectorial forces (3D forces) [more]

Chemicals, Materials & Energy
  • R&D Profile: Nanoparticle Arrays Templated in Thermoreversible Micelle Crystals, D. Pozzo, University of Washington, US
    The design of materials with tailored properties and function requires control over structure at the nanometer scale. Engineering applications also require that this control is carried out using parallel self-assembly processes that occur simultaneously in large numbers and reasonable timescales. [more]
  • IP Profile: Reversible hydrogen storage using organic compounds
    This technology enables increased use of polymers based on renewable resources and has a potential of replacing PVS, PS and polyolefines etc. in a number of products. [more]
  • Venture Profile: QM Power
    QM Power, Inc. ("Quantum Magnetic Power") was formed in 2006 to capitalize on proprietary and patented advances in a low cost, high performance electric motor, generator and actuator technology called Parallel Path Magnetic Technology (PPMT™). [more]
  • Nanotech 2009 - Call for Abstracts Now Open
    World’s Largest Nanotechnology Conference Announces Technical, Business & Strategy Tracks Are Accepting Papers For Conference Consideration; Deadline is November 12th. [more]
Features News
  • European Food Safety Authority Looking For Feedback on Nanotech for Food & Feed
    The EFSA is soliciting opinions on its draft scientific paper that will address nanotechnologies for food and feed safety. [more]
  • Australia Provides $100M to Create National Fabrication Facility
    The Australian government has allotted $100 million towards a science program that provides support for micro and nano-fabrication research. [more]
  • Russian Nanotechnology Venture Deal Makes Waves in Slowing Economy

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