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Late February 2007
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Welcome to NSTI's Nano World News the monthly newsletter that seeks to inform the broad range of professionals representing the multi-disciplinary and multi-sector community integrated by nanotechnology. Each issue focuses on the research, development and business of nanotechnology and its numerous pulling industries.

Switzerland: Big Focus on Small Science
By: Vance McCarthy

Nanoscience research and investment in Switzerland is gearing up to make 2007 another banner year for fostering start-ups, graduating and attracting new researchers, commercializing products and maintaining a very favorable climate for financing investments.

Swiss private companies and universities continue to cultivate a nanotechnology focus in many of their traditional areas of expertise.

In 2007, You Can Access DOE Facilities, Staff for Your Next Nano Discovery - Here’s How
By: Vance McCarthy

Jim Bustillo, assistant director of Molecular Foundry tells contributing editor Vance McCarthy how nano researchers can get work with DOE’s labs, and what projects are most interesting.

The Molecular Foundry is one of five DOE Nanoscale Science Research Centers (NSRCs). Located in just north of Silicon Valley at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab adjacent to the University of California - Berkeley, the Molecular Foundry will open its doors to university and private sector research partners

No Nano Chill from Canon’s IP Loss - NSTI Finds Legal, Partnership Lessons

Last week, the biggest nanotechnology licensing battle ever came to an end when a U.S. District Judge ruled that Canon Inc., one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, violated a licensing agreement with nanotechnology component maker Nano-Proprietary, Inc. of Austin, Texas.

Nanotech Ventures 2007-Silicon Valley Now Accepting Submissions

Nanotech Ventures will be held in conjunction with Nanotech 2007, a global conference of 4,000+ attendees and hundreds of exhibitors. Venture submissions are being accepted through March 10.

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