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December 2006
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Welcome to NSTI's Nano World News the monthly newsletter that seeks to inform the broad range of professionals representing the multi-disciplinary and multi-sector community integrated by nanotechnology. Each issue focuses on the research, development and business of nanotechnology and its numerous pulling industries.

Nanotech 2007 To Celebrate 10th Anniversary in Silicon Valley
Nanotech 2007More than 4,000 attendees from around the world are expected to attend Nanotech 2007. Poster and venture submissions for conference consideration are being accepted.
The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) is gearing up for the Nanotech 2007 Conference and Trade Show, and anticipates the largest number of technical and business programs to date. The conference is taking place in Santa Clara, California at the Santa Clara Convention Center May 20-24, 2007. Nanotech 2007 is a global gathering of the scientific and business community working on the development and commercialization of nano and small-scale technology.

Where Science and Law Meet
Nanotechnology and Intellectual Property Issues
Special collaborative feature with National Cancer Institute

NSTIBy now, due to a cascade of media coverage about nanotechnology, not only the scientific community but the public at large has heard about the huge impact that nanoparticles and their capabilities may have on our lives in the 21st century. But at the same time nanotech applications are expanding the limits of science and medicine, they are stretching the boundaries of intellectual property law. As with other waves of innovation, nanotechnology will catalyze change in social, scientific, and legal arenas.

University Researchers Announce Breakthrough in Flexible Electronics
By: Jennifer Rocha

Alejandro Briseno, University of Washington, Gives NWN Insights Into His Collaborative Research Teams Findings.

single-crystal transistors
Optical micrograph of arrays of functional single-crystal transistors.
Courtesy of Alejandro Briseno.

This month, a team of university researchers reported that organic single crystals can be patterned over a large area, paving the way for manufacturing of truly flexible electronics.

We have eliminated the handpicking process of fabricating single-crystal transistors," explains Alejandro Briseno, lead author of the study, and now a doctoral student at the University of Washington.

Fujitsu Uses Castor Oil to Create New Bio-Based Polymer
By: Jennifer Rocha

NWN Hears from Senior Researcher at Fujitsu Laboratories About This Latest Development

Fujitsu Bio-polymer PA-11
Fujitsu Bio-polymer PA-11
Courtesy of Fujitsu

Fujitsu and its Laboratories announced this month that they have developed a novel polymer with a high bio-content that uses castor oil extracted from the castor bean. As seen in the accompanying image, the new bio-based polymer features advanced flexibility and is able to withstand repeated bending. We have succeeded in obtaining sufficient flexibility that is a major requirement for smaller parts of electronic equipment, Mr. Kouichi Kimura, Senior Researcher, Fujitsu Laboratories, tells NWN.

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