Index of Keywords


Molecular Simulation Studies for the Synthesis of Ni Nanowires in Zeolite Cancrinite

Formation and stabilization of gold and silver clusters and nanoparticles in mordenites

zeolite micropattern

Zeolite Micropattern for Biological Applications

zeolite microspheres

Preparation of Zeolite Microspheres and their Application in Biology

zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS)

Design of a POSS-modified Zeolite Structure and the Study of the Enhancement of Ammonia-nitrogen Removal from Drinking Water


Colloidal Structure-directing-agent-free Hydroxy-sodalite Nanocrystals

NanoZeolites - porous nanomaterials for cleantech, encapsulation and triggered release applications

NanoZeolites - small particles, small pore, big impact! Porous nanoparticles for environmental applications

Monte Carlo Studies of the Effect of Temperature, Si/Al, and Metal Loading on the Templated Synthesis of Pt Nanowires in MOR-type Zeolites


Adsorption-Enhanced Compressed Air Energy Storage

zeolitic films

Silica-alumina composite monoliths with a hierarchical pore structure containing the MFI-type zeolitic films

zero cross-axis sensitivity

Design and Simulation of A Novel Highly Symmetrical Piezoelectric Triaxial Accelerometer

zero voltage switching

Design and Control of a Zero Voltage Switching MEMS DC-DC Power Converter

zero waste

The New OPEC


Single Particle Resolution Zeta Potential Technique

zeta potential

Electroosmotic Microfluidic Flows with Random Zeta Potential

Physicochemical Characterization of Nanosize Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide used as UVR Sunscreen Agents in Cosmetic Formulations

Nanoparticle characterization using light scattering technologies

The real-time, simultaneous analysis of nanoparticle size, zeta potential, count, asymmetry and fluorescence

Using Zeta Potential to Optimize the Water Clarification Process in a Full-Scale Water Production Facility