Index of Keywords


Hydrothermal Synthesis and Properties of Hierarchical ZnO and Eu-doped ZnO 3D Structures

New Fluorescent Hybrid Materials Comprising Quantum Dots, Organic Fluorophores and Natural Fibre Substrates

Self-assembly of Nanostructured ZnO-based Homojunction by Two-step Method

Cytotoxic studies of PEG functionalized ZnO Nanoparticles on MCF-7 cancer cells

Solution Growth of Nanostructured Ceramic Films

Finite Element Modeling and Simulation of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters Fabricated in CMOS Technology

Electronic Structure and Band Gap Engineering of ZnO-based Semiconductor Alloy Films

Simultaneous Desulfurization and Particulate Removal with ZnO Dispersed Ceramic Filters at High Temperatures

Effects of ZnO buffer layer and depth profiling analysis of bulk heterojunction organic solar cells

ZnO-Based Inverters for Flexible Electronics

ZnO nanorods decorated with Au nanoparticles applied as gas sensors

ZnO nanonails

Fabrication of electrochemical bio-sensors for the detection of glucose and hydrazine using ZnO nanonails grown by the thermal evaporation process

ZnO nanoparticles

Solution-processed ZnO Single Nanoparticle Transistor Using Water-based Dispersions

Well trap structures and bulk-nano environment luminescence centers in CaZnGe2O6:Tb3+ long afterglow phosphor

SECM Investigation on the Effect of ZnO Nanoparticles on Nasopharyngeal Cancer Cell Respiration

Effects of ZnO nanoparticles and ZnCl2 solution on rat liver and kidney

ZnO nanorod

Fabrication of ZnO hybrid structures and light emitting diode applications

Fabrication and Characterizations of Ultra Violet Photosensor Based on Single ZnO Nanorod

ZnO nanorod/nanotube

Biosensor for heavy metals using hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorod/nanotube and metal-binding peptides

ZnO nanorods

Electric Field Assisted Assembly of Perpendicular Oriented ZnO Nanorods on Si Substrate