Index of Keywords

variable capacitor

Design and Control of a Zero Voltage Switching MEMS DC-DC Power Converter

variable pressure

Characterisation of Native-State Soft Matter using ‘Multi-Mode’ Electron Microscopy

variable redundancy

Nanofabric PLA architecture with Flexible Nanowire-redundancy

variance reduction

Variance Reduction in Monte Carlo Device Simulation by Means of Event Biasing

variance reduction techniques

Acceleration of Inductance Extraction by Means of the Monte Carlo Method


Model Implementation for Accurate Variation Estimation of Analog Parameters in Advanced SOI Technologies


On the Variability of HfOx RRAM: From Numerical Simulation to Compact Modeling

A Fully Automated Method to Create Monte-Carlo MOSFET Model Libraries for Statistical Circuit Simulations

variational technologies

Parametric Simulation of MEMS Based on Automatic Differentiation of Finite Element Codes

variational-difference schemes

New Computational Methods for Long-Range Electromagnetic Interactions on the Nanoscale


Analysis of the Nonlinear Behavior of a MEMS Variable Capacitor


Fabrication and Thermomechanical Characterization of CNF-Filled Polyester and E-Glass/Polyester Nanophased Composites

vascular muscle cell

Flexible Micropost Arrays For Studying Traction Forces Of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

vascular repair

Magnetic Targeting of Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells for Rapid Closure and Healing of Intracranial Aneurysm/Pseudoaneurysm

vascular tissue engineering

Nanoscale tailoring of the surface properties of biomedical devices by layer-by-layer technique


BJT Modeling with VBIC, Basics and V1.3 Updates

Modeling Snapback and Rise-time Effects in TLP Testing for ESD MOS Devices using BSIM3 and VBIC Models

BJT Modeling with VBIC, Basics and V1.3 Updates


Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Florid Plaque in variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Diseases

The Application of GHMRF to 3-D Synthetic Proliferation