Index of Keywords

valley of death

Through the Nano-Needle’s Eye: Models, Examples, and a Template for the Successful Transition from R&D to Commercialization

valproic acid

The Effect of Water on Particle Size, porosity, and the Rate of Drug Release from Implanted Titania Resrvoirsia

valuable products

Integrated Photocatalytic and Microbial Degradation of Kraft Lignin

value-added co-products

Sweet Sorghum Biorefinery for Production of Fuel Ethanol and Value-added Co-products

value-added products

Pretreatment and Fractionation of Wheat Straw for Production of Fuel Ethanol and Value-added Co-products in a Biorefinery

value-based medicine

Leveraging Ontologies for Improved Medical Outcomes Assessment: Implementing Medical Management Technology to Drive Innovation


Valving in Microchannels via Electrodeposition on Solid Electrolytes

Cell and Particle Concentration on the Chip

Novel piezo motor enables positive displacement microfluidic pump


Microfluidic Valve-Controllable Magnetic Bead Receptacle: A Novel Platform for DNA Sequencing


Simulation and Optimization of Tesla Valves

Design and Simulations of a Microfluidic Pump with Multiple Vibrating Membranes

valveless diffuser pump

The Valveless Diffuser Pump-A Numerical Design Study Using MATLAB

valveless micropump

The effect of damping for the rate of flow in the micropump

Design Simulations of a Micropump with Multiple Actuating Mechanisms

valveless micropumps

Numerical Simulations of Flat-Walled Diffuser Elements for Valveless Micropumps


Modeling and Validation of Flow-Structure Interactions in Passive Micro Valves

A Passive Fluid Valve Element for a High-Density Chemical Synthesis Machine


Droplet actuation and droplet mobility manipulation on porous media by means of backpressure control

van der Waals

Molecular, Surface and Continuum Issues in the Capture of Bacteria Particles by Solid Aerosols