Index of Keywords

ultra-thin film

A Novel Process for Flexible Nano Electronic Web Production

Nano Architecture MEA for Next Generation Fuel Cell

ultra-thin film coating

Directed Self Assembly: a Novel, High Speed Method of Nanocoating Ultra-thin Films and Monolayers of Particles

ultra-thin gold membrane

Ultra-thin gold membrane transducer

ultra-thin membrane

The Study of Mechanical Stress in NEMS Heterostructures

ultra-thin SOI

Measurements and Modeling of Mobility in Ultra-Thin SOI


Surface Morphology and Chemically Active Sites on Ru Based Ultracapacitors: Montecarlo Simulation with Embedded Atom Potentials


Femtosecond Energy Concentration in Nanosystems Coherently Controlled by Excitation Phase Modulation

ultrafast laser

Deposition of Interwoven Fibrous Nanostructure using Ultrafast Laser Ablation in Ambient Condition

ultrafast lasers

Imaging three-dimensional microstructures fabricated by two-photon polymerization using CARS microscopy

ultrafast planar rectifier

A Physics-Based Characterized Model for an Ultrafast Planar Rectifier

ultrafast spectroscopy

Vibrational Modes of Metal Nanoshells


Transport of large Particles and Macromolecules in Flow Through Inorganic Membrane

ultrafine grained rods

A novel cyclic forward-backward extrusion process for production of ultrafine grains materials

ultrahigh density storage media

Magnetic Antidot Arrays with a Storage Density of 10 Gbits/cm2

ultrahigh sensitivity

Nanoporous thin-film waveguide resonance sensors with wavelength interrogation over a broad bandwidth

ultralow dielectrics

Control of Pore Size in Nanoporous Ultralow Dielectrics

ultramicro arrays

Ultramicro Protein Arrays for Cytokine Detection


Ultrasensitive Protein Detection Using an Au/ZnO SPR-Based Biosensor

ultrasensitive detection

Ultrasensitive and rapid immuno-detection of bacteria and protein biomarkers using field-effect enzymatic detection