Index of Keywords

ultra accelerated quantum chemical molecular dynamics

A Theoretical Study on Chemical Reaction of Water Molecules under Laser Irradiation: Ultra Accelerated Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Approach

ultra fast laser

Optical absorption enhancement of thin-film amorphous silicon induced by femtosecond laser pulses for solar cell fabrication

ultra high throughput screening

A Homogenous Small Molecule Microarray for Enzymatic Assays

ultra low power

Static Analog Design Methodology

ultra thin

Ultra Thin Packaging of the RF-MEMS Devices with Low loss

ultra thin films of RDX

Density Functional Calculations as a Tool for the Characterization of Ultra Thin Organic Films: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of RDX monolayers on glass substrates

ultra thin tin oxide films

Growth of improved ultrathin pristine SnO2 films by electric field modified spray pyrolysis technique

ultra-fast laser

Biomolecular activity switch: an application of metallic nanoparticle plasmon resonance

ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

Structure Characterization of Nanocomposites by Synchrotron X-ray Rays


Lithographic fabricated ultra hydrophobic and porous plant-like surfaces for bio chip applications

ultra-long carbon nanotubes

Centimetre-Long Carbon Nanotubes from Ethanol Decomposition


Automatic Device Design Optimization with TCAD Frameworks

ultra-small MOSFETs

3D Simulations of Ultra-Small MOSFETs: The Role of the Short Range Coulomb Interactions and Discrete Impurities on Device Terminal Characteristics

An Effective Potential Method for Including Quantum Effects Into the Simulation of Ultra-Short and Ultra-Narrow Channel MOSFETs

ultra-submicron devices

Ultrasmall Devices: Are We Ready for Quantum Effects?

ultra-thin body

Gate Length Scaling Effects in ESD Protection Ultra-thin Body SOI Devices

Unified Approach to Bulk/SOI/UTB/s-DG MOSFET Compact Modeling

Recent Upgrades and Applications of UFDG

ultra-thin body (UTB)

Nonparabolicity Effects of the Ultra-thin Body Double-gate MOSFETs

ultra-thin dielectric film

Low Temperature Deposition of High-Quality Nanometer-Thick Dielectric Films in an Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Plasma-Enhanced CVD System