Index of Keywords


Fabrication and Characterization of pH-Responsive, Nanoparticle-Attached Porphyrins for Singlet Oxygen Production

Visible Photoluminescence Emission from Chemically Synthesized MWCNT/TiO2 Hybrid Nanostructure

Coatings of Polymers with TiO2 Nanoparticles by Sonochemical Method

Nanosized titania reservoirs for epilepsy treatment

New approaches of soft chemistry for preparation of nanostructured multifunctional composite coatings

titania nanotube arrays

High lithium ion storage capacity of CO annealed titania nanotube arrays

titania nanotubes

Titania Nanotubes for Separation Applications


Development of a New Treatment to Induce Anatase Growth on Ti

Increased Osteoblast Adhesion on Nano-rough Anodized Titanium and CoCrMo

Surface modification of Cp-Titanium by Plasma polymerization of acrylic acid

Bulk-Titanium Waveguide – a New Building Block for Microwave Planar Circuits


Nanocomposite Contact Material for MEMS Switches


Respiratory Syncytial Virus Inhibition by Gold and Titanium Nanoparticles

Morphological variations on titanium by AC anodizing

Tunable Wetting of Titanium and Gold Based Wicking Materials

Novel Organofunctional Silane Coatings on Silica-Coated Ti

Ti-based nanocrystallites formation by high-energy milling

Grow of stem cells on chemical-laser generated titanium cobalt shape memory alloy nanoparticles

titanium carbide

Development of New High Performance Nanocrystalline Hard Metals

titanium dioxide

Environmentally Friendly Pathways for Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nano-particles