Index of Keywords

tissue engineering

In-vitro and In-vivo Screenings of Electrospun Polycaprolactone-Carrageenan Nanofibrous Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Enhancement of in vitro Capillary Tube Formation by Substrate Nanotopography

Chitosan Film/Membrane as a Surface to Alter Brain Glioma Growth and Migration

Biomimetic Polyurethanes for Regenerative Medicine

2D Engineering of Protein-Based Nanoparticles for cell guidance

tissue integration

Localized Controlled Drug Delivery from Mesoporous Implants

tissue regeneration

Biocompatibility of Carbon Nanotubes for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Functionalized Self-Assembling Peptides for Immediate Hemostasis and Accelerative Liver Tissue Regeneration

tissue repair

Nano Neuro Knitting: using nanotechnology to repair the brain

tissue targeting

Nanoconjugates of poly(malic acid) with functional modules for drug delivery

tissue-engineered airway

In Vitro Diagnosis and Analysis of the Potential Effects of Carbon Nanotube Exposure on the Human Respiratory System


Nanostructured photocatalytic TiO2-xNx thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering


Nanostructured Surface Treatment Enables the Combination of Nano-particulate ZnO and TiO2 with Acrylate-based Polymers in Cosmetic Formulations

Sensing of Organic Vapors by Flame-Made TiO2 Nanoparticles

Photoactive titania and nanoparticulate silver-titania composite thin films as potent antimicrobial coatings

The Effect of Water on Particle Size, porosity, and the Rate of Drug Release from Implanted Titania Resrvoirsia

High-density polyethylene reinforced with titania nanoparticles


Nanocomposite Contact Material for MEMS Switches


Solid State and Template Free Synthesis of a Nanotubular Polyaniline-TiO2 Composite

Green Chemistry Derived Nanocomposite of Silver-modified Titania used for Disinfectant