Index of Keywords

thermo-mechanical simulation

Thermo-Mechanical Simulation of Wire Bonding Joints in Power Modules


A novel simulation methodology for full chip-package thermo-mechanical reliability investigations

thermo-optical effect

Physically Rigorous Modeling of Sensing Techniques Exploiting the Thermo-Optical and Electro-Optical Effect


Surface Modification of Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) Micro- and Nano-particles with Stimuli Responsive Polymers


Monodisperse Thermo-responsive Composite Microgels with Core-shell Structure based on Au@Ag Bimetallic Nanorod as Core: Fabrication and Application in SERS Substrate


Temperature Sensitive Liposomes for Local Drug delivery Using Focused Ultrasound


Acoustic Power Recovery System for Thermoacoustic Cooling


Novel Microfluidic Jet Deflection: Significant Modeling Challenge with Great Application Potential

thermochemical processing

Catalytic Biomass Reforming for Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Production

thermochemical water-splitting

Sol-gel Synthesis of Ferrite Foam Materials for H2 Generation from Water-Splitting Reaction

Solar Thermochemical Water-Splitting for H2 Generation Using Sol-Gel Derived Ferrite Nanomaterials

Hydrogen Generation from Thermochemical Water-Splitting Using Core Shell Ni-Ferrite/Y2O3 Nanoparticles


Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulations of Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) of Silicon by Cl, Cl2, Br and Br2 Cations


Thin NIL films characterization (viscosity, adhesion) with rheological nano–probe


Rapid DNA Amplification in Buoyancy Driven Closed Loop Microfluidic Systems

Simulation of a Microfluidic Particle Concentrator and Separator

Computational experiments on three-dimensional molecular diffusion in porous media

thermodynamic processes

Thermodynamic Processes of Si-interstitial Clusters

thermodynamic properties

Brittle Ductile Transition in Carbon Nanotube Bundles

thermodynamical methods

Development of Thermodynamic Methods for the study of Nanopores