Index of Keywords

thermal Interface Materials

Automated test system for in-situ testing of reliability and aging behaviour of thermal interface materials

thermal investigation

Optimized Topology of an ASIC for Thermal Analysis of Multi-Core Processors

thermal management

Self-Heating Effects in GaN/AlGaN Heterostructure Field-Effect Transistors and Device Structure Optimization

Cooling and Power Conversion using Nanometer Gaps

Graphene Nanoplatelet Membranes for Aerospace Applications

Effect of CuO/water nanofluid in the enhancement of convective heat transfer for electronic cooling

Thermal-managed sputtered micro machined gas chromatography columns for oilfield applications

thermal manufacturing

Fabrication and Characterization of Nanoscale Heating Sources (“Nanoheaters”) for Nanomanufacturing

thermal microactuators

Effect of Thermophysical Property Variations on Surface Micromachined Polysilicon Beam Flexure Actuators

thermal microjet deflection

Integrated Thermal Modulation and Deflection of Viscous Microjets with Applications to Continuous Inkjet Printing

thermal model

Dynamic Compact Thermal Model of an Electrothermal Micromirror Based on Transmission Line Theory

thermal modeling

Thermal Behavior of a V-MCM Package Containing a Thermo-Pneumatic Micropump, Sensors and Integrated Electronics

Compact Thermal Model for Transient Temperature Fields in Electronic Systems

thermal modelling

Advanced Modelling Technique for Microscale Heat Transfer Analysis : Application to the flexible printed circuit microconnectors

thermal models

A Method for Thermal Model Generation of MEMS Packages

thermal modulation

Thermal Modulation and Instability of Viscous Microjets

thermal multimorph

Macromodeling Temperature-Dependent Curl in CMOS Micromachined Beams

thermal neutron detector

Future of Semiconductor Based Thermal Neutron Detectors

thermal NIL

Refined coarse-grain modeling of stamp deformation in nanoimprint lithography

thermal noise

Noise Modeling with MOS Model 11 for RF-CMOS Applications