Index of Keywords

thermal drop deflection

Integrated Thermal Modulation and Deflection of Viscous Microjets with Applications to Continuous Inkjet Printing

thermal edge losses

Minimize Thermal Edge Losses with Stainless Steel Envelopes for Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs)

thermal effect

An Electrothermal Solution of the Heat Equation for MMICs Based on the 2-D Fourier Series

thermal efficiency

Study of Thermal Efficiency Optimization in a Twin-bubble MEMS Micro-injector

thermal evaporation

A simple route to synthesize impurity-free high-oriented SiOx nanowires

thermal expansion

Residual Stress Modeling in Quantum Dots

Residual Stress Modeling in Quantum Dots

thermal expansion coefficient

On the Determination of Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Thermal Oxide

thermal fluctuation

Dynamical Properties of Supported Membrane Junctions

thermal fluid

Ionic Liquids as Heat Transfer Medium

thermal gas flow sensor

A Comparison of the Behavioral Characteristics of Miniature Gas Flow Sensors

thermal gelation process

Synthesis and characterization of new nanoparticles formed by milk whey proteins submitted to a thermal gelation process

thermal generation

Transient and steady-state dark current in amorphous selenium avalanche radiation detectors

thermal imaging

High Resolution Backside Imaging and Thermography using a Numerical Aperature Increasing Lens

thermal infrared sensor

Proposal of Porous Chromium Film Fabrication Method for an IR Absorber

thermal ink jet

Dynamics in a Thermal Ink Jet: A Model for Identification and Simulation

thermal inkjet

Inkjet Assisted Micro-Scale Cooling of Electronics

thermal inkjet print head

Lumped Modeling of Thermal Inkjet Print Head

thermal insulation

The High Performance Thermal Building Insulation Materials of Beyond Tomorrow - From Concept to Experimental Investigations

thermal interaction

Compact Thermal Model for Transient Temperature Fields in Electronic Systems